Where Did The Fashion Diva Mom In Me Go?

fashion set

I use to be a HORRIBLE fashion Diva, I mean all the latest styles, the hair done to perfection, and don’t even think about touching that door knob to answer the door without make-up on! Go outside or anywhere without being perfect, I would have rather died! Okay, I answered the door without being perfect if it was family because well, they have seen me sicker then a dog and looking like something that cat dragged in. LOL! However, if anyone else seen me that way I would have lost it!

When I had my first daughter, there were no pictures to be taken till I had a shower and looked perfect. So there were none of those after birthing pictures with your hair a mess, no make-up and the glow of the new mom photo’s. Those were not allowed and if they even thought about it, they felt my wrath of are you out of your mind! If you like your camera you will aim it at my precious princess and that’s it. Yes, I was horrible about being perfect. I then had my 2nd daughter and the same thing. I would get up for their first morning feedings around 6am and I would feed, burp, change, and put them all cozy back in their beds. Then head to the bathroom shower, do my hair so that not a strand was out of place, and apply my make-up to start my day. You never knew when someone would stop over to see our beautiful little princess’s so I was prepared!


When my son came along, that’s when things changed! He only slept 2 hours a day, cried at least 6 to 8 hours a day, couldn’t go out in the sunlight or he would throw up, and a lot of other not so fun things. That is when the Fashion Diva in me went out the window. I was focused on him and my daughter’s and didn’t have time to worry about a hair being out of place which I can tell you EVERY one of them was! There was no more worrying about make-up. I was more worried about when I was going to get another hour of sleep! We of course didn’t know at this time that he had a brain tumor, but I did know that something was wrong with my son. So the Fashion Diva in me took a back seat to the sleep deprived, mom of 3, why is this baby screaming unless you play musical movies like Sound of Music or Elvis over and over again! I have to say I didn’t care what I was wearing, it was just going to get covered in things I didn’t want to know about anyways!

So started the era of me being the new Jogging pants, Pajama clad, whatever I could grab first mom! My son is now 12 and it has taken till this year for me to ask myself “Where did the Fashion Diva mom in me go? Okay, I have asked myself that before now but things were still a little to crazy since we had another son and he was also has special needs so I continued on with my fashion don’t because the boys just wore me down to “Yep, this fits and is clean!” so I would slap it on! However, I was at my blogging convention in July and I actually wore dresses the whole time of the conference with the exception of one event I attended and I wore pants as it was the fitting attire for the event. I started to think to myself “OMG! when did I go from a Fashion Diva to Something that the cat dragged in?” I knew when, and I knew why, but I thought do I really want to keep on this fashion of “What the hell is she wearing” road I was on? Yes, I am sure that people were thinking that a LOT when they saw me or at least I thought they were but didn’t care!

Yes, I am a Mom of 4, 2 beautiful Granddaughter’s, and one beautiful Granddaughter to be born next month, however, do I have to look like I just walked through a wind tunnel and my hair took the brunt of it, the no make-up because I’m just to lazy to do it, and just wear whatever I can get my hands on because I’m always on the go with taking care of my parents, my son’s, and everyone else? I think not! So this fashion don’t mama has turned over a new leaf and is going back to her fashion Diva mom but maybe a little less extreme then the won’t answer the door without make-up on but I won’t be grabbing whatever is available and just slapping it on! I can tell you there have been times were I had some great colors going on together but those days I was just at home!

Am I alone with the “Where did the Fashion Diva Mom Go?” or is it something that a lot of mom’s go though?

Photo Thanks to Kootation