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my minion cake 1my minion cake inside 2

This past weekend we had a birthday in the family, so I made this Minion cake for the birthday girl. I wanted it to have Minion colors all the way through the cake. She just loves Minions so it had to be perfect. So I really put some thought into how I wanted to create this minion cake. How I wanted the finished cake to look, it did take a little planning but I loved the finished result. If you have a Minion fan with a birthday coming up, you could make this adorable Minion cake as well. I would make a change to the one you make, I used Cake Mate Silver Gems candy for the eyes as I couldn’t locate Silver Frosting. It would be easier to do it with the Silver frosting then the candy but if your in a pinch like I was the Cake Mate candy gems do work as you can see from the photo above.

I used my Lasagna pan to make this Minion cake as I wanted a bigger cake, you can use a regular cake pan and it will work out well. If your using a larger pan you will need 2 White cake mixes, if your using a Cake pan you will only need 1 box of cake mix. So you can adjust the recipe as you need to for the pan that your using. You will make the cake as directed on the box. Then follow the steps below to make your minion cake.


2 White Cake Mixes (for lasagna Pan or 1 Cake mix for Cake Pan)
Blue or Neon Blue food coloring (I used Neon)
Black Food coloring
yellow food coloring
2 containers of white frosting
Silver Frosting or Cake Mate Silver Candy Gems
2 Oreo Cookies

How to get the Minion Colors throughout the cake: Take 25% of the cake batter and put in a bowl, then in a 2nd bowl put 25% more of the cake, and the last half of the batter stays in the original mixing bowl. You will add Yellow food coloring to the first bowl to get it to the yellow color you would like. The 2nd bowl you will use Neon Blue Food coloring (You can use blue as well if you don’t have Neon) and in the mixing bowl you will leave the cake White. You will want to butter and flour your pan at this point as well.

Step 1
My minion cake step 1 label

You will start with 3 Tablespoons of White Cake in the center of the pan, add 3 teaspoons of Blue on top of the white, and 2 teaspoons of Yellow on top of the Blue, it will look like the photo above when your done.

My Minion cake step 2 labeled

You will continue with the same steps as one, 3 Tablespoons of White Cake in the center of the pan, add 3 teaspoons of Blue on top of the white, and 2 teaspoons of Yellow on top of the Blue. You will continue on with this pattern till all the cake batter is used. You will need to move the pan and shift the cake more to the outsides of the pan but you will want to do it gently so that it keeps the colors the way they are in the pattern.

minion cake step 4 label

When your cake is finished with it’s design, it would look like this in your pan, when it’s ready to bake. You will bake as directed on the box.

My minion cake step 5 labeled

Your cake will look like mine when it is done baking, notice how you can see all the blue marbled throughout the top of the cake. The Yellow will blend into the browning of the cake so it will not show up till the cake is cut. We will now move onto making the minion part of your cake. Let your cake cool completely then place on a platter to make it into the Minion.

How To Make The Minion Cake And Decorate it:

Step 1: You will want to take a knife and round the corners of your cake to make your Minion Shape

Step 2: Take the palm of your hand and push on the cake where you cut the corners to firm it up to frost the cake so that it won’t get mixed in with the frosting.

Step 3: In your two containers of frosting you will do the following, in container one you will make it Yellow for the Minions head. The second container you will take a little less then a quarter of the frosting and put it into a bowl and mix in Black Food coloring. The rest of it you will color with blue or Neon Blue for his pants.

Step 4: Frost the top half of the cake Yellow for the Minions face

Step 5: Frost the bottom half Blue

Step 6: Make a line across the middle of the yellow and blue. Then make the Minion’s mouth with the black as well.

Step 7: Make the suspenders from the black going up to the sides of the cake

Step 8: Then place the Oreo Cookies where you would like the Minions eyes

Step 9: Now make the Minions goggles with the black frosting if you didn’t find the Silver, then cover the frosting with the Candy gems. If you found the Silver frosting or gel then use those to make the goggles. Then use the Black Frosting to make the center of his eye on top of the Oreo Cookies.

Your Minion is now complete and ready for the Party. He is sure to be a huge hit for the birthday party and your guests will ask you how you made your cake. He is just to adorable, but tastes oh so good!