MaxiMatic Elite Platinum Triple Slow Cooker $39.99 Normally $79.99

Maximatic buffet crockpot server

Hello Holiday serving made easy! You will love this MaxiMatic Elite Platinum Triple Slow Cooker that will make serving your family or make holiday dinners easy to make and keep warm for serving. This is on my Christmas wish list! It will make Sunday Breakfasts so easy when I make Oatmeal in one with a Apple Topping and syrup in the others. Everything will be kept warm and so easy to serve for the family.

Cook and serve 3 dishes at the same time with the Triple Slow Cooker Buffet with Lid Rests by Elite Platinum. Slow cooking allows for better distribution of flavors in many of your favorite recipes. This is made possible by cooking for extended periods of time at lower temperatures to let the flavor in. A total of 3 x 2.5 quart stoneware pots are heated by 3 independent, adjustable temperature knobs to give you full control. You can cook or warm 3 different portions of food at different temperatures, all at the same time! Perfect for slow cooking and serving roasts, soups, and stews! This unit also features lid rests to make serving at parties an easy, no hassle, no mess affair.