Evologie Skin Care Review


We had a wicked winter this year, my skin has taken a lot of the brunt of winter. It’s always dry, tight, and really had some damage from the winter cold. Summer is coming up and I want to make sure my skin feels great again. I also have some annoying and recurring acne that I wanted to get rid of so I was excited to try Evologie Skin Care to get rid of the Winter damage.

I tried Evologie Skin Care for two weeks to see how it would make my skin feel and if it would clear it up for me. I used the Evologie Skin Care System and the first day I could feel a difference in my skin. It felt smoother, clean, and refreshing. I thought well since I just cleaned my face it feels that way but later in the day how would it feel? That evening I was amazed as my skin still felt the same way it did after I cleaned it. That was even after I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. The rest of me felt like I needed a long shower but my face still felt amazing.

I was very impressed that each day it just kept feeling better and better. My acne was clearing, my skin felt fresh and clean. The winter was gone from my skin and I was left with amazing feeling skin. I loved using Evologie and I’m sure to continue using it as I want to keep the summer and winter from damaging my skin. We have rough summers and winters here so keeping my skin moisturized is always a chore but not with Evologie, it takes me a few minutes to feel fresh all day! You will love how Evologie makes your skin feel as well.