Is Your Child Using KIK Chatting Messenger? Is It Making Your Child An Easy Target? #Parenttips


What is KIK and why does it have parents up in arms? KIK is a instant messenger app that has many parents up in arms about their child(ren) using the app. This App is very popular with teens and pre-teens as well. As a parent should you be worried about your child using this app? The KIK app has come under fire for allowing child predators easy access to children. This is only one of the worries that you should have.

Just this week, KIK is coming under fire again! Why should parents be worried about this week’s event? If you have teens or pre-teens your going to want to read more about Mother confronts soldier found raping 12-year-old girl, ‘restrains’ him until cops arrive. It is a scary thought that our children could be targeted through this chatting app. Child predators are always up on the latest ways to connect with children and as parents, you should know how to keep your child safe from their clutches.

If your child or teen is using the KIK app, be sure to monitor it, they are sometimes thinking that the person is someone they know and in reality it is not someone they know at all. It’s hard to keep track of all the new social media, apps, and other things that our children and teens are using but I try to keep you up to date on situations that could put your family in harms way. Be sure to talk to your child(ren) about being careful what they tell people that they are not seeing in person. The internet and apps can be a scary place.