Ian’s Natural Foods: Chicken Nuggets, Alphatots and Cinnamon French Toast Review

ians chicken nuggets

I have three children that have stomach problems, so finding foods that will fit all their needs can be a little interesting to say the least. It can be totally frustrating as a parent to find something that they can all eat without having to make several different meals for them. So I was excited to try Ian’s Natural Foods with my children to see how all three would tolerate the foods. We tried the Family Pack Chicken Nuggets, Family Pack Alphatots and Cinnamon French Toast Sticks to see how the kids would do.

Ians alphatots

I loved that Ian’s Natural Foods. Products were easy to make and they smelled so good while cooking. The kids were actually excited about trying them, even my daughter, who has recently started to get sick on anything having to do with meats or Gluten. I made their plates, they were a little hesitant at first because of their stomach problems and they hate how they feel after eating. So I told them to just try it and if it didn’t work I would make them something else. It didn’t take much coaxing as everything smelled so good! They started to eat, and I was a little surprised as they usually need to take breaks when they are eating, not one of them was taking a break at all. They just kept eating!

Ians french toast sticks

They all loved the Chicken nuggets and the Alphatots as well. They were all very positive about the flavor, the textures, and they all agreed that everything was fine with their stomach as well. There were nothing but thumbs up all around from the kids. I have to agree with them that I loved the Chicken Nuggets and the Alphatots as well.

The next morning I made the kids the Cinnamon French Toast sticks. I didn’t hear a peep out of them till they requested more! The kids stated it was the best Cinnamon French Toast Sticks they had ever had! They asked if they could have them the next day again so I had to make a trip to the store to purchase more. It’s now a family favorite! I love how fast they cook, the flavor is super, and the kids are requesting them which makes breakfast so easy before school. Ian’s Natural Foods were a huge hit with our family and we are sure that they will be with yours as well.

**Disclosure** We received the Family Pack Chicken Nuggets, Family Pack Alphatots and Cinnamon French Toast Sticks for this review. All opinions of the products are those of my children and myself