How To Save Money On Fruits And Veggies At The Farmers Market #Farmermarket

If you are looking to save money on your fruits and Veggie purchases then your going to want to read this post. I have found a way to make the most of your budget for your fruit and veggie needs. I use this method for all my canning and freezing needs as I love to have fresh fruits and veggies available for our family all year round. It’s very important that you check out your area fruit and veggie market to see how they run their market so you will know if this will work in your area.

We have a Flea Market & Fruit and Veggie Market that is available to us every weekend. It is open on Saturday and Sunday all year round. The Fruit and Veggie Market is only open in the summer of course so I take full advantage of it every weekend. Our Market has normal pricing all the way till Sunday. However, on Sunday an hour before closing the pricing changes! That is when I go there to stock up on what I need for Canning and freezing. An hour before closing they start to lower the prices so that they can sell out on everything that they have. I will go there with $20 and a game plan to fill my van with cases of fresh fruits and veggies. They offer a great selection of fruits and veggies.

Now an hour before they are closing the prices drop from so much a pound to $1-$3 for a Case of Fruits and Veggies. I will get the cases that I want of Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Cantaloupe, Tomatoes, Green Peppers and so many other fruits or veggies that I would like for the week. I fill up my van for about $10-$20 and there is no room left in the seats or floor of my van besides the front seats and sometimes it’s just my seat that isn’t filled with cases. I then take them all home prepare the fruits and veggies and spend a day or two canning and freezing them. I do this for most of the summer and we then have all of our fruits and veggies for the winter. This year I will be posting pictures of the cases that I pick up and all the products that I make from them so stay tuned. I will also be posting a video of our Fruit and Veggie Market so that you can see what it is like and how I get the deals.