How to Repair a Frozen Iced Roof that is Dripping

Since we are having several snow storms coming through the next couple of days I wanted to also get this posted in case there is any damage caused by the snow storms. Ice melting and dripping from a roof is primarily caused by an ice dam, which is caused by snow on the rooftop that melts and refreezes. Temperatures inside the attic of your home and the outside temperature contribute to the formation of ice dams. The warmth of the attic causes the ice to melt, but if outside temperatures are still at freezing level, the ice refreezes and blocks the path of melting snow. This water proceeds to leak into your home or down the side of your house if it has nowhere else to go. Proper insulation and ventilation are the keys to prevention, but there is a simple homemade solution to melt the ice if you are faced with an ice dam.

1. Place a ladder against the house. Climb to gutter-level and check for ice dams. Move the ladder to each side of the house to check all areas.

2. Shovel any snow from the rooftop that can be reached.

3. Cut a pair of pantyhose in two, dividing the legs.

4. Fill each leg with calcium chloride snow melt.

5. Set one filled pantyhose leg on each ice dam. The leg should extend from the roof across the ice dam and hang over the gutter.

6. Remove the pantyhose leg after the ice dam melts, usually within 12 to 24 hours.

Thanks to e how