Have A Halloween Party After Halloween For Those Sick Kiddies Who Are Missing Halloween #HalloweenParty #HalloweenFun

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Yep, it sometime just happens that on the special day where they get to dress up and go door to door to Trick-Or-Treat that they end up sick first thing in the morning or they have been sick for a couple of days before and still are sick. Your heart breaks for them because you know how much it means for them to go have fun with all the other children, see all the fun costumes, and go up to each house and say “Trick-Or-Treat” and receive their piece of candy and hear how awesome their costume is.

As a parent, our hearts break when our children are so sick and upset about missing the fun. My older son woke up this morning of course on the day of Trick-Or-Treating and was getting sick. He was balling his eyes out, and he is so upset and sick at the same time. All he kept saying was “I’m going to feel better for Trick-Or-Treating, right Mom!”. I of course want to tell him that it will be okay and that he will be better but the reality of it is…No, he isn’t going to be able to go. So of course my mind starts to race on how to make him less upset and calming him down. Which at 5am in the morning, could get interesting because I haven’t had my Pepsi yet!

To get the whole ball rolling I looked out side to see snow flurries falling from the sky as well. Really Mother Nature??? Is that really needed today as well? So I tell my son it’s just an all around “Yucky Day” so we will make it a better Halloween when he is feeling better. You would think that I would be use to this as Holidays = One of the kids sick, crying because everyone can’t come over. They have been looking forward to it and want to have fun.

If your child or children are sick for Halloween, you may want to join us in having an after Halloween Party so they can still have fun! Just because they are sick on Halloween just mean they have to miss all the fun! You can still have some Halloween fun after they are better. So you can follow my plan to have a great party and at a great price! Don’t forget all the Halloween candy and D├ęcor will be on clearance shortly! It would also be a great birthday party theme as well.

We will be having:

* A Pinata filled with candy (We will make the Pinata, see the DIY Section and change to Halloween Colors)
* Scary cupcakes with candies that I find on sale to make them creepy looking
* Bobbing for Apples races
* Punch with a floating Ice hand keeping it cool
* games where they can win more candy

There will be a lot of fun, we will make sure that the kids have a great time and he gets his Halloween. I try not to let the kids miss out on all the fun of the holidays they are missing. We have had to “move” Thanksgiving to a day when everyone wasn’t sick…Last year as a matter of fact, over half the family was down with a flu, so we moved the family Thanksgiving to a date when everyone was able to get together and enjoy it. We moved the family Christmas last year as well, so we work it out so that everyone is always included. We will still have the holiday at our homes but we move the larger events to a different date. So don’t let a cold or flu get you down, just “move” it to a different day when everyone can have fun. Sometimes those nasty little flu or cold bugs get in the way of the fun of holidays but they can be over come and fun can still be had by all.

So cheer up your little prince or princess and start to plan your after Halloween party so they turn their frown upside down. Plus, who doesn’t love getting more use out of their Halloween costumes! Let the party planning fun begin! Let your child help you while the other children are Trick-Or-Treating, they can be planning what they would like to see at the party. It will help to distract them and there will be less tears, that they are missing the fun with all the excitement of the party.

Don’t forget if you need more ideas for the party, head over to pinterest. You will find a ton of great Halloween party ideas that you can use. They won’t even notice the other kids out having fun. They will be having to much fun looking at all the cool ideas that could be at your party.