Frugal Sweetest Day gifts and Ideas

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I wanted to do some frugal ideas for Sweetest Day. There are some great deals out there so I will list those first and then go to the even more frugal Sweetest Day ideas for you.

I have to say that one of the best Sweetest Days I remember is when I had my daughters and they were little. We didn’t have a lot of money to be spending on going out. So I instead went and bought us food which I made and I remember I had to run to my mom’s house to help her with something and my creative husband had drawn a blazing fireplace on a large piece of paper and figured out how to make it look real with lights behind it. Then put a blanket in front of it with all the food on it with candle light and a bottle of wine. It was the perfect evening.

* Get your $25 Gift Certificates for $3 just in time for Sweetest Day! Have a great meal out and save a lot!

* Cookie Express has a FRESH-BAKED
COOKIE BOX 1DZ. for $10.99 they also have Sugar free items available!

Frugal Sweetest Day ideas

* If you have 400 Swagbucks in your account get the $25 gift certificate! Have a frugal dinner out with your Special Sweetheart. Be sure to check that there are Restaurants in your area before snagging the Gift Certificate.

* Make your Sweetheart a gift basket filled with all the great freebies offered by stores in your area this week! Starting with all the great freebies from Sephoria! I have posted a lot of them lately so if you put in Sephoria in the search you will just need to print them and go there to pick them up. As well as the great ones at the different stores in your area. Just go to our Store Deals at the top of the blog and see what stores you have listed. If you have a rite aid you could have a GREAT basket this Sweetest Day. Don’t forget to add candy to it with all the great candy coupons available.

* Make a Frugal Candy Bouquet with the directions here and don’t forget to use your coupons to get the candy at a great price.

* There are free ecards and printable cards all over the internet, write a poem and include it in the card.

* If you have a chocolate lover then make them some of the 5 minute Fudge that I posted in different flavors. Frugal and Easy to do. Yet amazing to the chocolate lover and they will think you slaved to make it just for them.

* Give them a 30 minute massage and some coupons for other things they can use, another massage, a get out of the dog house free card, a romantic dinner for 2, or whatever you would like and print them out to make a booklet of coupons for them.

* Take a box and Decorate it with paper or whatever you would like, then write down all the things that you love about them on many different colored pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them in the box. Tell your sweetheart they can take out 1 per day and read it.

These are just some ideas you can use for Sweetest Day. There are so many things you can do to show them how much they mean to you in so many different ways.