How To Make A Cookie Bouquet #ValentinesDay #CookieBouquet

You can make a beautiful Valentine’s Day Cookie Bouquet for your special Valentine. They are just so cute when you use the Heart shaped cookies with different colored frosting on them. They will make a great gift for all those on your Valentine’s Day gift list. You could make a Flower Cookie Bouquet for your Table Center piece for your guests to eat after dinner. There are so many different ways that you could use the Cookie Bouquets. You can find out how to make your own Cookie Bouquet and make one. Your Valentine will appreciate all your beautiful work. It would make a great table center piece for your table as well.

My Frugal Apple Fritters Recipe #AppleRecipe

As I posted a few days ago it’s Apple Picking time and besides the posts about Canning Apple Pie in a Jar, Apple Butter and other wonderful Apple Recipes. We LOVE Homemade Apple Fritters. These are very easy to make but are such a wonderful treat. We make them a lot for movie nights.

Apple Fritters

Serves family of 4

You will need:

* A deep Fryer or a frying pan filled with oil half way. (You may need to add more oil as you cook them.) You can use different types of oils with this recipe to go with what your diet needs are.

* Plate with paper towel on it for Draining oil off fritters.

* 6 Apples-Peeled, cored and sliced in wedges

* Your favorite box or Pancake batter mix made for 10 pancakes.

Topping for Fritters:
In a bowl mix Sugar with 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon and set to the side.

You will heat the oil in the deep fryer while making the batter or in the pan. After you make your batter for your pancakes. You will dip the wedge of apple into the batter. Then slowly place it in the oil. When they turn a golden brown, you will turn them over to cook the other side. Take them out of the oil and drain on the paper towel. Then roll them around in the cinnamon sugar while they are still hot. Then place on a clean plate.

When serving the Apple Fritters you can also serve with a Caramel Dip as well if you would like but they are great with just the cinnamon sugar on them.

I usually make them all, give everyone their own bowl of them and then we put the movie of the night on and sit and munch while we watch. The kids LOVE these! It’s something that is different from the normal snacks or treats they get.

What I Learned About A Blogger’s Life

girl working on computer photo Girlworkingoncomputer.jpg

In the insanity of the past couple of weeks, I learned some things, that maybe I didn’t want to realize before. I was always going full speed ahead and my schedule was always insane. Between caring for my parents, taking care of my children, cleaning the house, taking care of my grandchildren for my daughter’s, Dr’s visits, blogging and the million other things that I do. Yes, that is really just some of the things that I do, besides a long list of others that I’m leaving out so that the list is not a mile long.

I have been busy really since as long as I can remember, there is always something going on that needs my attention. However, since Thanksgiving it has been my parents that have needed me the most due to my Step-Dad being really sick. He was in and out of the hospital, and just could not feel better. So I started to take time away from Blogging to help with all their needs after Christmas, it was something that needed to be done. I was still posting just not as much as normal. Then January rolled around and it wasn’t looking good, they were going to either send my step-dad to a nursing home or home on hospice. He never wanted to go to a nursing home and I opted to bring him to my home on hospice so that I could care for him. My mom had the same flu/virus that he had so he couldn’t go home due to her being sick. So I brought him home and he was home two days before passing away. I have to say that I am happy that I brought him home to be with family and spend as much time with him as we could before he passed.

However, this really opened up some new questions for myself. While I was away taking care of family matters, I really started to think about my life, my families life, and many other aspects of our lives. It really made me think about what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted my life and my families to go from here.

I learned that I love blogging, not that I didn’t already know that! I love my readers, your not just people in a computer to me, your just like family. I also realized even more so how much time my blogging takes me and that I spend 60-80 hours a week posting for all of you to save, get freebies, and other content that I post for you. I LOVE what I do and all of you that follow this blog each day.

So what did I really learn about a blogger’s life????

* I learned I spend to much time away from my family, but I will be making changes in that avenue.

* I LOVE what I do but I spend so much of my time doing it that it affects my family life so I again will be making changes.

* I want it all and I can have it with some simple changes to my life

* I learned that all of you are why I love my job so much, not that I didn’t already know that!

What changes will be coming????

* I will be taking weekends off from blogging so that I can spend more time with my family. So that I can spend more time with them and do more things together.

* We will be having a sister blog coming more then likely next month with a great wealth of information on so many new topics that I do not touch on with Frugal Diva Frenzy.

* I will be slowing down on how many posts are going up daily on the blog. Right now I post every half hour. I will be slowing them down BUT each post will have more deals in them then just one. This will be starting shortly. I want to give you the best content possible with Frugal Diva Frenzy and keep you all saving more. I know you will love this change that I will be making it will more then likely start tomorrow. Please feel free to comment on posts about if you like or dislike the new content.

Frugal Pierogies: Recipe for dough and fillings

I have to say that we love Pierogies! They are a frugal meal and very tasty. You can make up more then what you need an freeze them for those nights you need to get dinner on the table quickly.

For my dough, I use Emeril Lagasse’s recipe because they aren’t real dry then. They come out perfect. I was using another recipe but I tried his and they come out so good! Then for the fillings their are many different fillings that you can use that are all great in them. These are some of the fillings that we use. We use the fruit and Potato & Cheese a lot. This is a great frugal meal that you can make when your pantry is running low and you need something great for your family.

They are very freezer friendly as well. You can make a bunch of them and freeze them as well. I have this great article on How to freeze Pierogi’s for you to view as well because sometimes seeing how it’s done is easier. 🙂

Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do. If you have a different way of making them or filling recipe please feel free to post them so there are many options available. YUM!

Need an easy Dish to pass for Labor Day?

Are you getting together with family or friends for Labor Day and need an easy dish to make to bring? There are so many easy dishes to make in just a short time that are very frugal.

My Pasta Salad:
* 2 boxes of Rainbow Pasta Salad
* 1-1/2 bottles of Italian Salad Dressing
* 1/4 lb of hard salami or 1 box of pepperoni
* 1 bag of frozen stir fry veggies

Make Pasta as directed, put the frozen veggies in the bottom of the strainer, then drain pasta. Place in a big bowl, cut the Salami into bite size pieces while pasta is cooking. Mix Salami in the bowl with pasta and veggies. Pour in 1 1/2 bottles of dressing. Mix all together and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

Peach Cobbler (or whatever flavor you choose)

You can actually make this with any canned fruit. It’s really easy and tastes so good. We love to top it with ice cream when we serve it. I will give you the recipe and you can choose the type of fruit you would like to use.

1 large can of Canned peaches or peaches you have canned.
2 tablespoons of flour

In a 9 X13 pan dump in the canned peaches (with the juices) Then add the flour to the peaches and mix till the lumps are dissolved.

3/4 c. flour
3/4 c. oatmeal (raw), regular or quick-cooking
3/4 c. brown sugar, packed
2 tsp. cinnamon (or more, according to taste)
1/2 to 3/4 c. butter, melted

Mix all the ingredients together. Then put on top of the peach filling.

Bake for about 1 hour at 350 degrees, uncovered. You will see the filling start to bubble. The topping will turn a light brown.

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

32 Meatballs (Homemade already cooked or store bought)
1-32oz Jar of Grape Jelly
1-32oz bottle of Ketchup
1 can of drained pineapple chunks
1/4 cup of pepsi or Coke (pop)

Mix the Grape Jelly, Ketchup and the pepsi or coke together in a crockpot. Then add the meatballs to the mixture and the pineapple. Stir and put on low for about 3-4 hours then serve. If when you taste the sauce it’s to sour add a little more grape jelly if it’s to sweet add a little more ketchup.

NOTE: This recipe sounds gross from the ingredients but it’s soooooooo good! You can add a little green pepper if you would like as well.

My Son’s New Portable Comode

My oldest son has a lot of problems getting up and downstairs when he has to go to the restroom. He has to go onto some meds that will make him have to go urgently so we needed a portable Comode for him. I was checking the stores, Goodwills and everywhere else. The only place I could find one was at Walgreens for $99.99 and at a medical Equipment store and it was going to be pretty expensive to rent to use for a while. So we got Savvy on how to make a portable comode for him. I went to some rummage sales today to find a sturdy solid wood chair to transform into his new comode. Then I brought it home to get to work on it.

I had my son sit in the chair so I could figure out how the hole should be cut and then drew the hole on it after he was off.

Then I used a large bit on a Drill to drill a hole through the wood because the wood is about 2-3 inches thick.

I then took my jigsaw and started to use it to take pieces out of the chair. It works but it does take some time to get it going.

After I got it to the size above, I grabbed the Sawzall that my dad brought me and made the hole the size that I needed it.

Then I added the toilet seat to the chair after I was done with it. Very simple to make but does take some time when your using the jigsaw because you need to cut the pieces smaller.

I will be painting the “New” Potty seat as well and throwing in some Super Hero decals on it just to jazz it up some. But that was my project for today. I think it will look great and do the job nicely and it only costed me $4 to make it, instead of the $150 the store wanted. I got it for a STEAL! My son is happy with his new comode as well.

I found a Great chair at a Rummage sale for $2, I bought the toilet seat on clearance for $1 and I bought a small amount of paint to give it some color and spruce it up at the Rummage sale for $1 as well. So that is my frugal comode tip for today! I suggest if your going to do this that the chair has arms around the back and side. Then has a wider seat to make sure you have plenty of room for the seat and bring a toilet seat with you to make sure so that your not out money because it wouldn’t work or make a paper model of the seat to make sure it will fit to bring with you so you get the right size. Also check the size of the toilet seat when cutting as you can see above I had to cut more of a hole because for girls or woman it would be fine but for boys or men they will need a little more room in the front then I had.

Frugal Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

I thought this would be a perfect day to post some frugal Hot Chocolate recipes to warm everyone up.

Raspberry Hot Cocoa Mix

5 1/2 cups instant dry powder milk
2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup powdered coffee creamer
1/2 tsp. salt
3 envelopes of unsweetened raspberry drink mix (such as KoolAid)

Sift together the powdered sugar, cocoa, creamer, and drink mix. Stir in milk powder. Store mixture in a tightly covered container.

To serve, combine 3 tablespoons of mixture with hot water. Stir well.

You can easily change the flavor of this recipe by using different drink mixes.

Yield : about 9 cups

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix, from The Tightwad Gazette, Volume 1

10 2/3 c. dry milk

1 lb. Nestle’s Quik

6 oz. of non-dairy coffee creamer

1/3 c. confectioners sugar

Mix the ingredients in a large bowl and store in a covered container. To prepare hot cocoa, mix 1/2 cup of the mix with 1 cup of hot water.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

To make your own peppermint hot cocoa mix, you will need:
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup + 2 Tbsp. cocoa powder (one 4.4 oz container will have enough for one batch plus about 1/2 cup leftover)
5 candy canes

* Place candy canes in a plastic zipper bag, and close most of the way. Pound the bejesus out of those suckers!

* Stir the other ingredients together then mix in the candy canes and stir again. Make sure your mix is stirred really good. Don’t under mix it because it will not taste right.

How To Plan A Frugal Wedding Part 2

I’m going to be talking about the 2nd part of how to have a frugal Wedding. If you Missed Part 1 you can read it first then read Part 2.

There are so many items and products that go into your very special day. In Part 1 we discussed how to do it by getting sponsors. Now, if you want to do it on your own but still save there are some great ways to do it.

Cake ~ The cake is a very important part of the wedding believe it or not. This stays with your guests along with the food selections that you choose. Cakes can also be a costly part of the wedding. So to keep your cake costs down. Check with friends and family to find a person who makes them out of their home. You would be amazed at how many people do and charge a great deal less then a bakery.

I have a friend who does this out of her home and charges only $200 for the most amazing cakes that you would want to see. 3-4 layers and the flavors you would like with the most beautiful decorations that she hand makes. The same cake at a bakery could cost you $1000 or more. So check with your friends and family before going to the bakery. Do a tasting of the cakes before you decide to go with the person and see pictures of cakes that she/he has already made. You may just find your dream cake for many hundreds less!

Centerpieces ~ You would be amazed at what your centerpieces can run you. If your having a fall wedding and fall colors use what nature provides for some of your centerpiece. Beautiful fall leaves that are in color changes are just beautiful on the tables and they should be collected the morning of the wedding so that they do not dry out and crumb. Use Pumpkins and Gourds as well. The mini Pumpkins make a beautiful centerpiece with flowers surrounding them. Then leaves spread out in the center of the table.

Summer Wedding~ Use a clear Hurricane with a candle inside and fresh wild flowers or Chocolate Covered Strawberries on a mirror surrounding the hurricane lamp for your guests to eat. Then putting the wild flowers in the center of the table. Flowers that match your wedding colors bring out a great deal of beauty to any table.

Dresses For The Bridal Party ~ I highly suggest visiting your local Burlington Coat Factory, Jc Penny’s Outlet or other stores like these. You can get some beautiful dresses for everyone. Flower Girls Dresses can be picked up for $10 if you hit them at the right time. We did this for my daughter’s for my brother’s wedding. The Maid of Honor and Bridal Party can find dresses for $60 and you will have a beautiful wedding and it will keep the costs down for the wedding Party.

Frugal Baby Shower Foods

As many of you know I just had my baby shower on last Saturday and I was hoping to have this posted sooner but it has been a tad crazy here lately. So I wanted to get this posted so that you had it as I know several of you have baby showers coming up. Her baby Shower went down from the original amount of 50 guests we were expecting to about 25 guests. Perfect size for us and here is how I did a frugal Baby Shower.

* Cake~ I purchased 3 boxes of Spring cake mix with the different colors in the cake mix already so that it would show through when cut ( Like Funfetti cake mix) I purchased a Lasagna pan & Cake pan from Dollar Bill store to make them in. (Then my daughter made the baby hands and feet prints on top of the cake) I then layered them on top of each other and we decorated with frosting and my cousin had some GREAT cake decorating tools from Pampered Chef so we used those. (She was thrilled because she could tell her hubby they WERE used. lol) He has a tendency to tell her she has to many parties and that she never uses all the things she gets. lol Have to say they were easy to use and fun to play with! The cake Decorating Kit looks like this one:

There is also this Tupperware Squeeze It Decorator Set
that is pretty much the same as the one we used.

Food for Baby Shower

We were having a more casual Baby Shower for my daughter so my daughter wanted Meatball Bombers for her friends and Hot Beef as well. So that was fine with me so we headed over to our local GFS (A rather new store here) to see what deals they would have. I have to say that I was really loving their prices! I purchased a HUGE bag of Meatballs for $6.95 and a 5lb bucket of Hot Beef already made up with the Juices for $11.95. I had the Marinara and Spaghetti sauce already at home from quite a while ago so no need to pick those things up. So for our Meat Selections for 25 people it was under $20!

My Ex husband’s Girlfriend made Mosticolli and Chicken Alfredo to go with the Hot Beef and Meatball Bombers. She did an amazing Job on them. They were a big hit with everyone. They were also the perfect compliment to the other foods served.

Potato Salad~ I again used my purchase at GFS to pick it up as they had American Potato Salad for a 10lb Carton (Looks like a Milk Carton~ The GFS Brand) it was $8.95. I was a tad leary about getting it as I had not tasted it before but I got rave reviews from the guests about how they just LOVED it! SCORE! lol Plus it was under $1 a lb! I will let you in on a secret…I haven’t made potato salad before so I was NOT about to give it a whirl for the baby shower. lol My mom or my step father always make it and both have been very busy and not feeling well so I wasn’t about to ask them.

Veggie Tray~ I again used GFS as it was cheaper then our local stores by over $5! I had planned to go to our local Fruit/Veggie & Flea Market but I wouldn’t have had time to do it the day of the shower and they are only open on the weekends. So I went with the GFS for $13 for a 5lb tray of Veggies & Dip. There was plenty for everyone and took some home as well. The ones in the store were about $20 for the same tray!

Cold Salads

My cousin made a amazing Italian pasta salad, I went to my stockpile and pulled out the Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Bacon Ranch Salad to make, Then went to my Stockpile for the Tropical Pineapple Jello Salad that I made as well and put in Tropical Fruit and Fruit Coctail in and picked up the whip cream and marshmellows for it.

Deli Tray~ If you remember back after last Christmas I posted a 75% off sale for Hillshire Farms Christmas Gift packages with their different sampler packs of Cheese and Sausages that I had purchased for this baby Shower. I froze the cheese and sausage to keep it for the event. Worked out great for it. I will be doing that again this Christmas for next years summer events again. It worked out so well for it that I loved it for the event and the 75% off deal as well! It really pays to plan ahead it can save you a bundle!

The Bread for the Meatball Bombers and Hot beef were picked up by my ex husband as well for the event.

So all in all it was a pretty frugal event for her baby shower and everyone raved about the foods and how much there was and how great everything was as well. We were going to make individual 3 tier cakes for everyone BUT then my cable internet box decided to fry out so I had to take time to get that fixed and took a while so that removed the individual cakes from our list. However, if you would like to try it for your event so that it is more unique you can get the Fat Daddio’s 6-Cup Individual 3 Tier Cake Pan that I have to make them. If you use the cake decorating kit as well they will be amazing in no time at all. They would also work for a Bridal shower as well as a Birthday party. I do have to say that the Pan is a VERY sturdy one so you will have it for many years and events to come.