Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza Review #Freschetta #Gluten Free

freshetta gluten free cheesefreshetta gluten free pepperoni pizza

Having children that are on a Gluten Free diet 90% off the time, we looked forward to trying the Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza. My youngest son and my youngest daughter both have problems with gluten. So we were excited to try the new Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza. My children are fans of cheese pizza but I love the cheese and pepperoni, so we baked both and tried them.

The kids were a little worried about having a gluten free pizza, they haven’t tried one before so it was a perfect time to try it. We love pizza, and have been not been eating it as the gluten really bothers them. I picked up one of each to try and as I opened the box the kids were looking on to see what the pizza would look like. I heard my son say “It looks good and smells good, I think I will try it!” then my daughter heard him and came to check it out. She came in just as I was putting them in the oven. She said “she couldn’t wait for them to be done”. Since we were having a busy day, it was a perfect way to get a quick dinner for them as well as one that their stomach could handle.

I pulled the Pizza out of the oven and cut them into slices. The kids were watching as I cut it and I could see they were getting more and more excited. I put the Pizza out and gave them their drinks and waited to hear what they had to say. They all started to eat and they were amazed at the flavor, the crust, and the Gluten free pizza was a HUGE hit with them! We are sold on Freschetta Gluten Free Pizzas, and will continue to purchase them as they was really no difference in the flavor, the crisp crust, and I can honestly say that my children are picky when it comes to pizza. They will only eat certain ones and that is it. So I am so thrilled that we can add a pizza back into our diet that they will love! Thank you Freschetta!

**Disclaimer** I received coupons to purchase the Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza’s with, all opinions are those of my family and myself. They are honest opinions from trying the product.