10 Fun Garden Fairies Perfect To Decorate Your Garden

I just love the new Garden Fairies that you can decorate your garden with. There are so many adorable garden fairies to chose from. They would make the perfect gift as well for the gardener in your life. I’m going to be purchasing some as I want to make a garden fairy in our yard so it is decorated beautiful for summer and at these prices you can’t go wrong, I think I see a garden fairy village coming on for our front yard and some Garden fairy bird houses with garden fairies around the bottom for the back yard. My son’s love to watch nature at play so the bird houses would be perfect for them to watch birds during the summer and winter.

You can create any fairy garden theme that you would like, from fairy garden furniture to bird houses. Your yard will be the envy of your neighbors, I know they will ask where you found these adorable fairies so they can get something like them to decorate their yard with. The hardest part is going to having to choose which adorable fairies will be in your yard!

garden fairy bird house
Fairy Garden Birdhouse $9.18 Plus shipping

garden fairies wild wood chair Fairy Garden Wildewood Chair $10.13 plus shipping

fairy garden kissing solar fairies Echo Valley Kissing Solar Fairies $43.11 with free shipping

fairy garden set of 5 garden fairies
HearthSong Nature Themed Fairies, Set of 5, in Girl $29.99 plus $9.99 Shipping

fairy garden with solar ball Flower Fairy Garden Statue With Solar Lantern
$9.99 plus $6.99 Shipping

fairy garden tree house Fairy Garden Tree House $35.99 With Free Shipping

fairy garden allie Fairy Garden Allie $9.68 Plus free shipping

fairy garden wild thyme Wild Thyme Fairy $17.50 plus shipping

fairy garden Brit Fairy Garden Brit $11.75 plus shipping

fairy garden wood house planter Fairy Garden Wood House Planter $44.99 with Free Shipping

There are so many other adorable Garden fairies that you could choose from. They are so adorable and you could make your own garden fairy village in your yard.