Kobo Arc 7” tablet Review


I received the Kobo Arc 7” tablet Review to review. I have to say I was pretty excited about reviewing this tablet and seeing if it could keep up with all my needs. I am always on the internet, writing posts, shopping, watching movies with the family, the kids are always using educational games, and so much more. I wondered how the battery would hold up as well, as I have had tablets that didn’t hold a charge as long as stated.

I loved the design of the Kobo Arc, it was sleek, easy to use and even my son’s could figure out how to turn it on. I started by doing some searches on the internet, I was really happy with how fast the Kobo Arc loaded pages. It was very fast and the graphics were really great as well, bright, no broken pixels, and it didn’t bog the page down waiting for them to load. I then decided to see how it would do with my blog posts, so I typed up the post and added my photos. It was so easy to type up the post and it looked great when it was done.

The Kobo Arc can be used for so many purposes, an ereader, it’s perfect for movie streaming, grocery lists, your social media, and a lot of other uses. I had my son’s test it as I wanted to see how they could use it and if it was easy enough for them to figure out. They had it figured out in a few minutes and were playing their educational games. So even if your not tech savvy you could easily use the Kobo Arc. The speed is quick due to the 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4470 processor, and 1 GB, I loved how long the battery lasts, we used the tablet for a few days and it was still going strong without recharging it! So you can be on the go and not have to worry about having the cord to recharge it all the time.

I can honestly say that I could not find a feature on the Kobo Arc that I didn’t like. I also loved that when you download an app, you can use it right away and not have to wait to access it. I always had to wait to use the apps with other tablets so this is a great feature. This tablet would be perfect for all ages as well, from children, teens to adults. They will all love how easy it is to use and how much they are able to do with the Kobo Arc. There are a lot of great ebooks that you can choose from for those avid readers. If you Skype as well the Kobo Arc is perfect for using for catching up with your loved ones or friends. You will just love how many uses you will find for the Kobo Arc and that you can take it anywhere you go easily. Don’t forget with Easter coming up, your teens, spouse or children would love to find one in their Easter Basket!