Is Your Teen “Breezin”? The New Viral Experiment Teens Are Taking Part In While Drunk Or On Drugs #Breezin

Burts-bees lip balm

As a parent we are always trying to keep up on the new dangers that our teens could face. We always try to know what the new trends are that our child could be introduced to by their peers or try themselves. I try to keep you up to date on the new things you will need to watch for with your teens. It’s always important to know the warning signs of what new things we need to watch for.

Have you heard your teens talk about “Breezin”? What is “Breezin”? Some teens are trying out a bizarre viral trend called “Beezin.” It involves people applying a light layer of Burt’s Bees lip balm to their eyelids. Why are they doing this? They are “Breezin” while they are drunk or using other drugs and it is suppose to increase the buzz they have.

What are the side effects of “Breezin”? They could have pink eye like Symptoms from using Burt’s Bees Lip balm on their eyes. So you will want to keep an eye out for the red and itchy eyes. The Peppermint oil is causing this reaction as it’s not for your eyes and the peppermint oils cause irritations to the eyes. We always want to keep you up to date on the newest viral experiments for teens so your aware of what to watch for. You can read more about it Here!

New Flesh-Eating `Krokodil` Or Crocodile Drug Is Scary Protect Your Family

flesh eating drug

I was debating on posting about the new flesh-eating `Krokodil` drug as it’s sometimes a little graphic but it is a reality of the world and there are more and more that are being taken into the hospitals due to use. This new drug is beyond scary and so I have decided that I would warn you about it in case you haven’t heard about it as of yet.

The new flesh-eating `Krokodil` drug is also called “Crocodile” as well. It is a said to look like heroin and when people are purchasing the “Crocodile” they are believing that they are purchasing heroin. Once it is used it will start to eat your flesh and you could start to look like the girl in the photo above or many others have lost fingers and more because of this horrible drug. In Chicago it is going around and there are several that have had to go to ER’s for treatments due to “Crocodile”. It may shortly be in your area so I am warning you about this horrible drug before it arrives.

It’s a good time to start to discuss what is going on with this new drug Crocodile and bringing your family up to date. It is always a tough topic to cover with teens and those you love but in this case it could be something that could save them from something that is horrible.

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