Rover: Have Your Dog Stay In Comfort While Your Away On Vacation And Tips For Dog Boarding #PetLover #ad

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Are you going away for the holidays? Do you need someone to take care of your furbaby while your away and will give them excellent care, play with them, take them on walks and treat them like one of the family? There are always Kennels that you can bring your Dog to but will they get the personal attention there? The answer to that is more then likely not.

Our furbabies are just like our children, we don’t just leave them anywhere, then go on vacation. You will love that you can find a great Dog Sitter at They will come to your home or They can go to the sitters home, which ever is easier. Your furbaby will be taken care of by your personal sitter and treated as their own. They could stay with an elderly person and be treated like one of their grandchildren, keep them company, play, and be spoiled by them.


You may come home to find that your furbaby had a better time on their vacation then you did on yours. You will know that your furbaby is being taken care of while your gone and you will be able to see how they are doing by contacting your sitter. They will be able to get your pet care if needed while your away. The prices for using are very reasonable from $10 to $75, so your budget will be happy as well. There are also sitters that when paid donate their earnings to charities as well and do it for their favorite charity and the joy of taking care of furbabies. Your sure to find the perfect sitter for your furbaby while your away. Don’t forget that Rover Gift Cards make a great gift for the holidays!

Tips for Dog Owners when you have a sitter:

* Be sure to send their favorite toys

* They will want their favorite Blanket or Bed

* If your Dog has allergies to foods you will want to send their food and let the Sitter know

* A number to where you will be or your cell phone number

* Your dogs Vet number

* A local family member’s number or close friend

* Your Dog’s normal Schedule

* Other comfort items that will make them feel more at home with their sitter

*Disclaimer* This post is sponsored by Rover, all opinions are my personal opinions