DJYRO Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Musical Turntable


I attended the Chicago Toy And Game Expo and received the DJYRO to review with the family and others. I was so impressed with the DJYRO, who knew you could turn your cell phone into a turntable! You just download the app to your cellphone and your off to making some great music. At the Expo there were young and old having a great time with the DJYRO. There were even some DJ’s that were playing with the DJYRO and had to have it to add to their shows!

The DJYRO is so easy to use, it’s light weight so you can take it anywhere, and it’s a TON of fun! It’s the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list that loves music! You just place your cell phone in the holder in the middle of the DJYRO and your ready to start once you have the app downloaded. It sounds just like your on an actual turntable, you can turn any party into a hit in a matter of seconds!

There is also the DJYRO Dot that would make a great stocking stuffer! You place the dot on your phone and download the app and it turns your phone into a turntable as well and you can download the free app and get started. The DJYRO Dot is only $2.99! Right now, if your one of the first 100 to contact DJYRO through their email on their site they will send you one for free! Your going to want to hurry to get one before they are gone!

The DJYRO dot and DJYRO turntable would make a great gift for the holidays and don’t forget with the New Year coming up it would be great for your New Year’s Eve party as well!