Easy DIY Dry Erase Board ~ Chore Chart, Calendar, Homework Chart, Daily Activity Chart Or More #MomHelper #Chorechart #GetOrganized

Daily chore chart DIY Dry Erase Board

We can always use organizational products but they can be expensive at times to purchase. I have made a DIY dry erase board that will cost you only $2.50 to make! It’s easy, fun, functional, and a easy way to organize the family in many ways and you can make more then one to fit all your family needs.

You can see that I made this DIY dry erase board into a daily chore chart. However, you can use them for so many different things that you need. They are easy to hang up where the family can see them as well. You’re able to write on them and then wipe them clean and then write on them again. I’m using mine to keep our daily activities where the family can see them and know what we have planned for the next day. We also have a daily chore chart, a calendar for the month, and a rewards chart for the family. They are all hanging neatly and are easy to change as well as easy to see for the whole family. It cost only $2.50 each to make and they have made everything in our home run smoother then in the past. Everyone can see what they are to do for chores, when homework is due, how far they are away from getting their reward, and what we have going on for the month for the family.

Project materials:

* 8″ X 11″ Photo Frame (purchase at Dollar Tree)
* Packing Tape
* 8 Discontinued Paint Sample Charts from paint store ~ Ask at the paint store for discontinued paint charts and choose the colors you would like for your Dry Erase Boards
* Thin tip dry erase marker (Dollar Tree)

Step 1: The names of the paints will be on the charts, so you will cut the names off, you will want to make sure the names are on either side of the charts and easily removed with plenty of space to use for writing

Step 2: Once you have all the names cut off you will put one chart next to your next paint chart that you want into your dry erase board and then tape the top and bottom. Then put one more piece of tape in the middle. You will do this on the back side of the charts while making sure that the lines on the front of your chart are lined up.

Step 3: Continue to tape all the color charts together till all 8 are taped together. If you choose a larger frame then given you will need more charts to fill the frame.

Step 4: Take off the back of your picture frame and put the charts inside of the frame with color charts facing down. Then replace the back of the photo frame.

Your photo frame is now ready to use as your DIY dry erase board. You will write on it with your dry erase marker and make it your daily chore chart, your calendar or whatever your family is in need of. You can also make it a message board as well if you choose. Then just write on it and you can wipe it off easily at any time and restart your board. It’s such an easy project but helps to keep you organized.