How Can You Raise The Money For Your Disney Trip???? #Disneyside #Wearegoingtodisneyworld


If you missed it, I recently announced that in 2015 we will be heading to Walt Disney World! EEK! We are so excited! (Not the kids because they don’t know lol) So I will be raising the money for all of us to go. That’s right this Mom is going to be doing a lot of things to raise the money for us to go, well and so will the children but they won’t know why they are helping lol. I have already came up with our game plan to make our Disney trip a reality! I have given it a lot of thought because when there is something I want or of course we need, I find a way to make it happen. I’m not a “I wish” type of person, I will work hard to reach my goal and make it happen. If your the same as me and don’t wish upon a star and hope that your wish will come true keep reading!

I have started to plan our trip so that I will know how much it will be for the 6 of us to go to Walt Disney World. My two son’s, their father, his mother, my mother, and myself to go on a magical Disney trip. Let the pixie dust start to fall on us because we are going to make it happen! I have the whole clan ready to pitch in and give me a hand, so that we can reach our goal and see Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, and all the other great Disney characters and attractions. So who is with me on wanting to go to the most magical place on earth and build a dream vacation for your family??? If your ready so am I!

This will be one of my son’s anniversaries for his Make-A-Wish Trip that we took when he was diagnosed with his brain tumor. I have to say Make-A-Wish and Disney did an amazing job with his wish! Thank you to you all who helped make that trip a dream come true and helped us to forget reality even if it was only just for that week!

So now, onto the ways that I am going to be raising the funds for us to go to Walt Disney World. There are a number of ways that we will be raising money, most of them either I will be doing or My son’s dad and I will be doing together to raise funds, the kids will be helping where they can to help with raising money as well. So what will we be doing to raise the money??? I have started a list of some of the ways so I will be listing them so you can also get some ideas on how you can raise funds. Now because the boy’s dad works a lot of hours more of the fundraising will be me doing it then him.

* Craft Fairs ~ I will be attending low cost Craft fairs with different items I will make and sell such as Wax Dipped Bears, Christmas ornaments, blankets, and other great items that we will sell and the money will go into our Disney trip fund.

* Shoveling Snow ~ This one of course won’t work for you if your in a warmer climate. However, here we get a LOT of snow! So we will be placing ads to do snow removal for people who would like us to help them with snow shoveling.

* Meal sales ~ We will be having meal sales on the weekends, I will place what meal we are making and selling on my Facebook page and they will come to my home and pick it up. (Friends and family) and we will again put it in our Disney Fund. We will be selling Taco’s with Spanish Rice, and other goodies, Taco Soup, and other meals.

* Dessert Sales ~ I will be creating desserts for people for the holidays and selling them. I will be putting it on our local garage sale sites on Facebook. There are a lot of people who love home baked desserts but can’t bake. (Check the rules of the group before posting to make sure it’s allowed)

* Birthday Cakes ~ I will be creating Birthday cakes for birthday parties or friends and family. I LOVE to bake and see people’s faces when they receive the cakes.

* Car repairs ~ My son’s Dad will be doing Car repairs for people in need of car work done. He is great at fixing car problems so it’s perfect for him.

* Wood Work ~ The boy’s Dad is great working with wood and can create a lot of beautiful things. So he will be building Doll Houses for the Craft fairs and I will decorate them.

* Recycling Cans ~ We will all be recycling our cans as well and the funds will again go into our fund

* Candy Sales~ We will be purchasing Candy bars from Sam’s club and selling them, we will charge a little more then we pay for the bars to raise money.

* Rummage Sales ~ We will be asking friends and family if they have items they no longer want or need, plus going through our own things and having a rummage sale to sell the items.

* Halloween Haunted House ~ We will be creating a Halloween Haunted house and charging for entry to the house.

These are just some of the ways that we will be raising money for our trip. Get creative and come up with the perfect ways for your family to raise the money you need for your trip. Think about what your talents are, who can help raise funds and how your going to do it. Think about how you can raise funds during the holiday season, summer, and other times of the year. Make a list of all your ideas and talk about them with the others that will be going with you, to see who will be doing which fund raisers. Once you have a plan stick to it, keep going even if one of them is not going so well remember it’s only one and you have time to make your goal! Keep your inspiration close to you and if you start to get side tracked then start to look at your trip and it will motivate you to get back on track!

I’m Attending Disney On The Road…..Calling All Disney Fans #DisneyOTR

Disney On The Road

Where are all of our Disney fans??? I have some exciting news, next month I will be attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration ON-THE-ROAD event. I have to say when I received the email that I was one of the selected bloggers I actually screamed, yes, I was that excited! We are HUGE Disney fans, so it’s so exciting to be able to attend this event.

I will be able to bring you all the latest information on what is new at the park, what’s coming up next at the Disney Parks, we get to participate in interactive sessions, and hear from a great line up of speakers while attending. I can’t wait to share with all of our Disney fans what you can expect to see at the parks, and all the other fun! Not to worry I will have my camera and all the other needed gadgets with me so that I can catch you up with all the new great things

I know Disney Parks are a huge favorite vacation spot for our families so, you will know more about great fun and when it’s coming so you can plan a great Disney vacation! So be sure to stay tuned if your looking forward to planning your families vacation to Disney.