ZenUrban Non-Stick Stovetop Gourmet Food Smoker & Steamer Review

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I have to say I have had cabin fever for a while now! I know that many of you are joining me with wanting spring and summer to arrive. I was so excited to get a taste of summer when this beautiful ZenUrban Non-Stick Stovetop Gourmet Food Smoker & Steamer, I was so excited to bring on the flavors of summer! I took the Stovetop Gourmet Food smoker and steamer out of the box and I was amazed at the construction of the food cooker and steamer, it is a very heavy duty made product. I have to say that after seeing it I thought it would cost more then the $45.99 as it’s so well made.

I read the instructions, and it was so easy to use! Just 1 1/2 Tablespoons of Wood chips or wood powder to make a delicious meal! I do suggest soaking your wood chips in water for 20-30 minutes before starting to cook with them. The ZenUrban Non-Stick Stovetop Gourmet Food Smoker & Steamer comes with 3 parts, Your main cooking area, the wood chip compartment and a rack to place your food on. I put the wood chips into the compartment, then put the next compartment in for catching the juices, and then the rack for placing my meal in. I made Burgers and Chicken Apple Sausages for the family. I put 4 burgers on the rack and turned on my gas stovetop. I let the burgers cook half way through then put in the Chicken Sausage to cook the rest of the way with the burgers. The house smelled amazing! I have to tell you we couldn’t wait for the food to be ready to eat!

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To tell you how many of us have cabin fever and are craving summer foods, my neighbors came over to ask what that heavenly smell was! I of course shared with them, so they each had a Chicken sausage when they were done and they just loved them as much as we did! They had so much flavor and were just what the we have been begging for! I have to say that everything came out perfect and we will be using it again tonight to make some more delicious meals! If your missing the taste of summer your going to want to purchase your own ZenUrban Non-Stick Stovetop Gourmet Food Smoker & Steamer, it can be used on not just the stovetop but it would work on the grill as well for Veggies and meats. Then you can have more room on the grill for other delicious goodies! YUM!
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