Curious Chef Children’s Cooking Sets Review

stevens cookies Final

I received the Curious Chef 2 quart mixing bowl and the measuring cup to review. I have been wanting to do some baking with my son’s so we were so excited when they arrived. My son’s love to help in the kitchen but sometimes measuring with a regular measuring cup isn’t easy for them. They have a hard time figuring out where to fill the measuring cup up to.

Curious chef measuring cup

My son is also working on measuring in school so it was perfect timing to help him with his school work and have a fun way to do it. The boys wanted to make brownies and some cookies so each of the boys made what they wanted to make. I loved that the measuring cup showed all the different measurements and it was easy for them to figure out where to add liquids and dry ingredients to. My son has also understands where to measure to now and his homework better as well. It was a perfect combination and we got to bake some goodies as well, what is not to love about that! The measurements are labeled in different colors on the measuring cup so it makes it so easy for the kids to know where they need their ingredients at.

curious chef 2 quart bowl

The Curious Chef 2 quart bowl is perfect, it has the 2 quarts right on the rim of the bowl. My son’s just loved the bright colors and that the bowl was the perfect size for both of them to use. They also said that it was easy to mix their cookie dough and brownie mix in the bowl as well. I actually did not have to help them at all to get all the mix incorporated. The mixes just came right out of the bowl easily when we put the brownies into the pan and when we made the cookies as well. I think the best part of the bowl was how easy it was for the boys to clean them. They rinsed them and all the mix came right out of the bowl! So the kids can easily clean the bowls themselves after they are done baking or cooking! What parent isn’t going to love that!

The Curious Chef makes some great children’s baking products, my son’s were thrilled with the Curious Chef cooking products. If you would like to start to teach your children or they are having some problems with measuring for their homework it’s a great way to have fun and learn at the same time! The bonus is you get to eat what you make!