Cupcake Race Game Review

Cupcake race game

I received the The Cupcake Race Preschool Game to review. The game where you go around the board trying to put your cupcake together and get it to the party to win. My granddaughters played the Cupcake race with me so that I could see how it worked and if they liked the game. They both love cupcakes so I thought this would be a fun game to play with them.

So we started to play the game and the girls looked at me and asked “Can I eat the cupcake?” it was so cute but they found out they couldn’t but were still okay with it because I had already made some cupcakes, so we were back to playing the game. You have all the parts that you need to put your cupcakes together but you can only win after you have put the cupcake together with the pieces and one color of each of the sprinkles. When you get to the party you will receive your cherry piece to put on top and you will win the game.

We had such a fun time playing the game that the girls wanted to keep playing more. They really liked putting the cupcakes together and seeing who would win each game. The sprinkles are so adorable, I put them into a baggie so that we would be able to keep them all together as they are smaller pieces. So you want to make sure you play the game at a table and make sure that you pick up all the pieces so that they won’t get lost. It’s the perfect gift for little girls, they will love it!