Small Businesses Can Sell Your Products On Your Facebook Store And Pinterest Now #Crafters #SmallBusiness #Christmas

Do you have a small business either a home based business, make crafts, or other products that you want to get into the hands of consumers? There are now two more avenues that you can use to get your products in their hands. You can use your facebook store or you can use your pinterest to sell your products. When you use these sites you can use Shopify to take payment for your products easily.

You can advertise your products on your social media as you normally do and they could lead to an increase in your sales. I mean really how many times do you use pinterest to find things that your looking for or for ideas for something like a party, outfits for your children, and more. There are so many people that are doing the same exact thing to find that must have item that you may just be selling! Shopify is so easy to use to make your sales easy for your customers and increase your sales at the same time.

pinterest buyable pins

Buyable Pins still let you control the shopping experience—Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales and you still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have. You will need to have a Shopify account to have customers purchase on your buyable pins. They will purchase through Shopify and the orders will come right to you and you will handle the customers orders just like you normally would.

I suggest that you start to build up your pinterest followers even more right now so that your customers are ready for purchasing on the buyable pins as soon as they are available. You can announce it on your business facebook page as well that you will soon be selling your products on pinterest to make their purchases even easier! I can see this being a great sales avenue for your small business as well as companies as well. You will not be charged for your buyable pins on pinterest as well!

You can get on the Waitlist for integration opportunities. It will also alert you when the buyable pins are available as well. They will be available for iPhone and iPad first. If you use Demandware to power your store, you can get Buyable Pins in the coming weeks. Just contact your Demandware customer success manager to learn more.