My Son’s New Portable Comode

My oldest son has a lot of problems getting up and downstairs when he has to go to the restroom. He has to go onto some meds that will make him have to go urgently so we needed a portable Comode for him. I was checking the stores, Goodwills and everywhere else. The only place I could find one was at Walgreens for $99.99 and at a medical Equipment store and it was going to be pretty expensive to rent to use for a while. So we got Savvy on how to make a portable comode for him. I went to some rummage sales today to find a sturdy solid wood chair to transform into his new comode. Then I brought it home to get to work on it.

I had my son sit in the chair so I could figure out how the hole should be cut and then drew the hole on it after he was off.

Then I used a large bit on a Drill to drill a hole through the wood because the wood is about 2-3 inches thick.

I then took my jigsaw and started to use it to take pieces out of the chair. It works but it does take some time to get it going.

After I got it to the size above, I grabbed the Sawzall that my dad brought me and made the hole the size that I needed it.

Then I added the toilet seat to the chair after I was done with it. Very simple to make but does take some time when your using the jigsaw because you need to cut the pieces smaller.

I will be painting the “New” Potty seat as well and throwing in some Super Hero decals on it just to jazz it up some. But that was my project for today. I think it will look great and do the job nicely and it only costed me $4 to make it, instead of the $150 the store wanted. I got it for a STEAL! My son is happy with his new comode as well.

I found a Great chair at a Rummage sale for $2, I bought the toilet seat on clearance for $1 and I bought a small amount of paint to give it some color and spruce it up at the Rummage sale for $1 as well. So that is my frugal comode tip for today! I suggest if your going to do this that the chair has arms around the back and side. Then has a wider seat to make sure you have plenty of room for the seat and bring a toilet seat with you to make sure so that your not out money because it wouldn’t work or make a paper model of the seat to make sure it will fit to bring with you so you get the right size. Also check the size of the toilet seat when cutting as you can see above I had to cut more of a hole because for girls or woman it would be fine but for boys or men they will need a little more room in the front then I had.