Collage.Com Photo Blanket Review And Blanket Giveaway Exp: 11/15 #ChristmasGiftGuide

mom's Blanket

I received a Plush Photo Blanket to review. All opinions of this review are my families and my own. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to open it. I chose photos of our family that I just cherish and wanted to add them to a blanket so that it’s able to be cuddled with and have all the family on it to view as many of them live further away from us. So I thought it would be perfect to have for me.

When the blanket arrived I couldn’t wait to open it like I said. So I opened the package and pulled out this beautiful blanket and the photos look just perfect! I love the way they were arranged and everyone fit on the blanket perfectly. Now, I hope you didn’t think that I had to arrange the photos on the blanket because I didn’t. I just put in the photos that I wanted to use and the website did all that work for me. They arranged all the photos just perfectly. As you can see from the photo of my blanket that I made. I just choose the photos and then clicked on the use all photos and it arranged them so that they would all fit perfectly. The best part was that if I didn’t like how they were arranged, I could click on the “shuffle” button and it would move the photos around so I was not stuck with it if I didn’t like it.

The site was so easy to use, so easy to choose the photos that I wanted to use. Even someone who doesn’t do a lot of online shopping can figure out their easy to use website. They take all the guess work out of how to make it and get the perfect blanket made. Although blankets are not all that they offer. You can also choose Canvas photos, Photo books, beach towels, calendars and so much more! They all would make great gifts for any occasion, from Anniversary to the Holidays. You really can not go wrong with a personalized gift. The receiver will really love it and cherish it.

I have been using my blanket everyday as it’s really gotten chilly here. It’s only going to get colder as well, it’s apart of Wisconsin and how it is here. So it’s always perfect to sit cuddled up with hot chocolate and a warm blanket. Now, I can enjoy a hot chocolate with lots of mini marshmellows, with my comfy blanket and a good book and just let winter winds blow outside while I am comfy in the house.