Chicago Toy And Game Expo Nov. 22 – Nov. 23


If you have not attended the Chicago Toy And Game Expo, your missing out on seeing some AMAZING toys and getting some amazing deals as well! I attended the expo last year and I was just in awe of all the great toys that were there and the discounts that were offered to the people that attended.

storm trooper and me

Last year there were Star Wars Storm Troopers to take photo’s with as you can see. My son’s went crazy over them! I saw a lot of great toys everything from educational to the hottest toys of the season the kids are wanting for Christmas. There were so many toys that I saw there that were not even in stores yet but would be before the holidays and I didn’t have to fight the store lines to purchase them! I LOVE that, and it was so easy to purchase and there was a discount on the toys as well! SCORE!

stacy and I at the toy expo

I brought my cousin with me last year and she was having a GREAT time at the expo! So much so that she was asking me in July when the expo was because she didn’t want to miss this years event. There are so many great things to do there this year such as participate in the U.S. Rummikub Championship, the Game Truck, State Yo-Yo Competition, and so much more! There is so much to see and do at the Expo that there is NO WAY that your going to be bored for even a minute! Your inner child will come out and you will have an amazing time!

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