Carmex Moisture Plus Review

carmex june review

It’s a great time to get your Carmex Moisture Plus in the amazing fashion sets. These adorable tubes will go anywhere with you, fit in your purse, your pocket, or anywhere else. It’s now summer and your lips need protecting from the SUV rays. They can dry out your lips just as much as winter can. It’s summer and we are always on the go doing fun things like swimming, boating, hiking and other fun events. However, you don’t want to forget to take care of your lips while your doing them all and Carmex makes it so easy to do.

I just love the fashion tubes and how the Carmex Moisture plus just glides over your lips. It only takes seconds to have your lips protected, looking beautiful and your ready to go on your next adventure. I have one in my purse, one in my van, one in my beach bag, and several others that I have around my house so that I can just grab and go. I don’t want to chance dry chapped lips, and I want to protect them from harmful SUV rays as well. I even have taught my granddaughter’s that you have to apply it all the time. They are just way to cute when they see me putting it on they look at me and point and say “Lips”. That’s my cute to put some moisture plus on their lips as well. I’m teaching them young so that they will always put it on without even thinking about it.

Do you have your Carmex Moisture Plus??? Be sure to get your package with several in there so you can be as well stocked as we are and have it anywhere you go. Carmex Moisture Plus is available at your local stores so it’s easy to find, put it on your shopping list now so you don’t forget it your next trip. You can follow Carmex on facebook to learn more about all their new products that they have or new information about your favorite Carmex products.