BrylaneHome Ez Portable Table Review And Giveaway Exp: 4/4

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Are you looking for a versatile portable table that will fit all your needs? I received the BrylaneHome Ez Portable Table and it was perfect timing! I have to say that we put it through it’s paces. The day it arrived my oldest son got sick, so it was his table for eating his soup, coloring while he was laying in a recliner, and it held his Kleenex, cough drops and all his other cold needs next to his bed during the night. He was feeling better the next day, so it was my turn to use the table.

I started out the morning with putting up posts for all of you using the table. I then had to do some baking, but I needed the laptop in the kitchen with me. I usually use my dishwasher and pray that I do not spill anything on it while baking. However, now I had my Ez Portable Table to place my laptop on. I was baking, typing and getting the whole recipe down, while I was creating it. It was so much easier then what I normally do! I then moved onto helping my son with his homework from school, he loved using the table and that it could adjust to his height on the couch.

The Ez Portable table was put to the test and the whole family just loves it! It has been used everyday in some way by one of us since it arrived. I’m sure it will continue to be that way, if my son’s have their way they will each have one of their own very shortly. I do believe they are right, other wise I won’t be seeing mine! When I want to use it one of them has it or my daughter is using it in her bedroom and I have to go hunt it down. So I know they will each be getting their own BrylaneHome Ez Portable Table so that I won’t have to hunt down the table all the time. They are just so handy to have that I know we should all have one. BrylaneHome has all your home needs from Recliners to storage solutions, be sure to stop by and find all your home needs easily and affordable at the same time. You can also follow BrylaneHome Twitter and “Like” their BrylaneHome facebook page to find out about great deals, new products and so much more.

Now you can enter to win your own BrylaneHome Ez Portable Table, you will love having it for all your families needs. Good Luck Everyone!

**Disclosure: I received the BrylaneHome Ez Portable Table for this review, all opinions of the product are my own as well as my family.

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