Brushed Steel ElectoKidz Review


We received the wild and crazy Brushed Steel ElectoKidz to review with our family. If you have not seen or heard of a ElectroKidz they look a little bit like a troll doll but they now have their hair dancing to the music that you or your child play. They come in a variety of colors and have very colorful hair as well. The Electrokidz come with Two toned hair that is Pink, Blue, Green, and yellow. They are Gold,Brushed Silver, or Black in color with their crazy hair colors.

When you play music their hair starts to dance and they also have accessories as well, they come with a pair of glasses that they wear to look great while they are jamming to the beats you play. They love all types of music and are into anything that you play. You can bring them to a party, create a party in your room or in the car while your driving somewhere. They are always ready to get their groove on. They will also keep you laughing and having a great time. My children and granddaughter’s just loved the Electrokidz and playing different music for him. They got up and were dancing with him as well. It was such a great time for them when they were playing with him. ElectroKidz would make a great gift for all ages to have fun with.