Facebook Changes Are They Good For Everyone? #Facebook #Brands #Bloggers #Companies

fcebook thumb down photo facebook-thumbs-down.jpg

Facebook has made a lot of changes since they have started, some good and some bad. However, in the past year the social media site has really added some new twists to their sites that I’m not sure everyone is giving a thumb up to….this would include for you, companies, bloggers and everyone who uses their social media.

As an everyday user of Facebook, I have found that all my favorite pages that I love to follow are no longer in my feed! Psst….In case your wondering…those would be the companies that I post about on a regular basis and purchase from as well. So now I either have to go on a search for them or purchase from somewhere that IS in my facebook feed or I go through and search for the deal that I want which means you are more then likely not getting my business even though your now paying a “sponsored” fee for me to see your status updates on Facebook! I don’t see a LOT of my friends status’s as well….I know they are there but if I want to know how they are doing I have to go to their page. I have to say NOT a fan! There was the occasional time that I would have to do that over a year ago but it’s a regular daily thing now. Epic Fail! When you have over 500 friends on your facebook page who wants to spend the whole day seeing if what is going on with your friends list…There are those of course that your not so worried about but still!

As a Blogger with many other bloggers, we have spent a lot of time, money and effort to figure out how to make sure our followers can see our posts. Which means we jump through more hoops in a day then Tigers that jump through them at your favorite circus! There is always a new challenge to make sure that you can see our great deals, coupons, recipes, helpful tips, and so much more that help you on a daily basis.

When we win the lottery we will take part in Facebook’s Sponsored status’s but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that being any day soon! Our readers are not just someone in a computer, we blog to help others and give back! Our blogs are not just ramblings of crazy men and women, we try to give back and help them in a number of ways though our posts. It’s a way for our readers to find out how to help their Autistic Child, How to lose weight, make healthier meal choices and lose weight, save with their budgets and so much more! We get your company that our readers have not heard of noticed and if they like them they will purchase your product. We give them a voice to be heard when they are going through different live problems to know they are NOT alone. HOWEVER, we are far from rich enough to pay $50 to $1,000 to ensure that our readers are able to see our new posts, which is where the lottery winning comes in! Large Companies or Brands are paying these amounts and more to ensure that you see their new status’s…Pssst, they still aren’t reaching all your followers or maybe it’s just me….But I doubt it highly. So your followers are not seeing all of our status’s, and could be missing out on sooooo much! I know I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s the reality of it, so welcome to our frustration!

In the reality of Facebook, the new changes that continue to be made have been an epic fail. It’s an epic fail for everyone that is using facebook as a whole. Companies and Brands are paying large sums to have their followers see their status’s. I’m sure a lot of them are but are they the ones who will purchase??? Bloggers being the little guys are jumping through hoops to help our readers and companies to come together but if we can’t see you are you really getting your money worth??? If you can’t see when your friend needs you the most, is it really a helpful Social Media?