No, Bloggers Do Not Work For Free #nofreebloggers

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Today on Shark Tank, there was a debate over what advertising to do with their company. I’m sure a very helpful topic for many business owners that are trying to get their name and products visible. Which I understand, being a business owner and having owned several other businesses in the past, it can be difficult. Do you pay for advertising, come up with a gimmick to get customers to pay attention, use social media??? There are so many options, that it can sometimes make your head just whirl around and make you wonder what direction to go into. Today’s Shark Tank show was no different, Kevin O’Leary was on Good Morning America’s Shark Tank Helping to decide what advertising should be used for a company.

It was stated by one of the owners stating that they should use Free Social media and “Bloggers” and the other owner wanted to use paid advertisement. Kevin O’Leary went with the owner who was saying use free options. Being a blogger for the past 4 years, I can say that being lumped in with the FREE advertising, was NOT correct. I know this will shock many of the companies who email bloggers on a daily basis BUT we do not work for FREE! We have families to support and unfortunately our mortgage companies do not accept air as payment, we can not get free groceries at the grocery store, our car’s gas tank expects gas in it, amazing as it sounds we have bills to pay. We are just like everyone else, we do a job and we get paid for said job. The same as when PR Reps, company owners and CEO’s and others go to work they expect a pay check for the work they do, so do bloggers.

We have put countless hours, research, blood and sweat into our blogs. Please do not try to belittle what we do. We are a brand, our opinions matter, and our daily efforts to make our blogs better matter. It matters to our followers, who have become like family because so many have been with us since day one. They trust our judgment, they love our content, they know we take our blogs seriously, it’s not a hobby, it’s our job, and for a lot of bloggers it’s our sanity or for some our insanity. It’s our heart and soul all wrapped up into one!

We all love our blogs, we reorganize, redesign, have hosting fees, pay for virtual assistants, and much more to keep our blogs growing and making sure that our readers love what we offer. It’s a daily endeavor, that we have grown to love, we look forward to waking up and giving our readers all we have. We have many expenses to make that happen daily. I can honestly say that Black Friday, I know many bloggers that go without sleep so that their readers can get those hot deals from home, oh and let’s not even talk about Cyber Monday deals where again it’s a sleepless night and we still have family duties, children we care for, and a list a mile long to take care of. Those are not the only times that we have sleepless nights, those are just two examples.

So if you want to advertise, get your product, your company name out to our readers, know that your going to be paying to have it advertised. Also know that we are ALL particular as to what we will post on our blogs as well. I don’t care if you offered me a million dollars, if your product is not a fit for my readers or my blog, I’m going to tell you that “I’m sorry, I will be unable to help you”. Bloggers have very high ethics and our readers mean the world to us, they are just like family. They trust us, we know what are readers are interested in and what they are not. So we will not waste your time but please do not waste ours.

We do not work for free so please do not insult our intelligence, we know what we are worth and we expect what we are worth. So before you email a blogger with a low ball offer or think we work for free, please reread this so you will save everyone a lot of time. In case your not sure if bloggers work for free you can also visit and I think you will understand completely that bloggers do get paid for their work that they do. We have a tendency to be very passionate about this point as you can tell. Bloggers will come together and blow up social media for our rights and let it be known that we do not work for free. It’s just a passion that we all share and we will all stand behind each other when we are notified that we work for free. Call us crazy but our families expect meals on the table, roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs. We provide those things for our families by blogging.

Now, with all that said, bloggers love to work with companies, we love to review your products, get your product out to our readers, and we love to be creative. We are easy to talk to, we look forward to working with you, and we welcome you contacting us. As long as we have an understanding that we are just as valuable as you are to your job, we will get along famously.