Ollie World Lavender Swaddle Review #BabyShowerGiftGuide


I recieved the Ollie World Lavender Swaddle to review for our Baby Shower Gift Guide. I have to say it is just so adorable the way they package the Swaddle. I received a beautiful Lavender swaddle to review and it was just so adorable.

I have to say that I loved the feel of the material that is used to make the swaddle. It was just so soft, the material was just luxurious. I loved the way you could also use the swaddle in several different ways to make your little angel comfortable and cozy in the swaddle. It offers a cuddly hug to your little bundle of joy that will keep them feeling safe, comfortable, and so cozy as well. They will sleep like little angels while all snug in their Ollie World Swaddle.


Your little angel will love the feel of the swaddle and you will love the color options that are available. Ollie World offers beautiful colors like Sky, Meadow, Lavender, and Stone. They are all beautiful vibrant colors that will make your little angel look adorable! Ollie World also offers these beautiful swaddles in bundles as well, you will receive 2 swaddles in the bundle. They will love sleeping in their Ollie World swaddle while it makes them feel like they did when they were in the womb. You will love the little smiles on your well rested little angel.


I also loved how you could use the swaddle in different ways to make your little angel comfortable. If they would like their arms out of the swaddle they can have it wrapped from under the arms to their feet. You can wrap them in the swaddle from their shoulders to their feet. The Ollie Swaddle also makes it easy for you to change your little bundle of joy as well. You can lift it from the feet while the upper portion of their body is still swaddled. It is just so easy to use with your little prince or princess as well.

Now, when your little angel gets the Ollie World Swaddle dirty by spitting up on it or other ways it’s easy to wash as well. There is no guessing on how to clean it the best way. You just close the velcro tabs, place it in a mesh laundry bag, place it in the washer and put it on cold and delicate and wash. Then delicates dry or air dry. It’s that easy to clean! So you will get a lot of use out of your Ollie World swaddle as will your little angel. It would make a great gift for a Baby Shower, new mom’s your going to love this swaddle, or if your looking for more swaddles for your little prince or princess. Ollie World has all your swaddle needs covered!

Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock For Babies Review #BabyShowerGiftGuide


I received the Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock to review. I have to say that when my oldest children were born there was nothing like this around for them so shopping was interesting. You put the big bulky car seat in the cart, or you put them in the front and strapped them in and prayed they didn’t try to chew on the bar for pushing the cart while you were shopping and they were teething. It was always a new adventure when your raising a little princess or prince as well.

The Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock is just adorable! I received the Grey and Aqua Shopping Cart Hammock to review. I loved the bright colors and they also offered Full Bloom, Triangles, Indigo Dream, and Black. They have a color or style that everyone will love. I have to say that I love several of them. They would make the perfect Baby Shower gift for a new Mom to be. If you have gone shopping with a little angel you know how frustrating it can be to make sure your little one is safe. You lug in that huge car seat put it in the cart and have to keep a close eye on it to ensure that the little angel is safe. You can put them in the seats but honestly, do you really remember wipes to wipe them down to ensure that they do not get sick and so on from the last child that was in the seat. Not all the grocery stores or stores have the seats that are safe for little ones. So you have them in the front of the cart strapped in and holding them as your reaching for things that you need or just wait to go shopping by yourself.


I love that the Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock when not in use can fit into the baby bag and doesn’t take up hardly any room! You can easily pull it out and attach it to the cart then place your little angel in the hammock and belt them in so they are safe and secure while your shopping. The hammock can be used from birth till the little angel can sit upright by themselves or a 50 lb weight limit. The hammock can be used on plastic or metal shopping carts. Parents just love the Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock, don’t believe me feel free to go to their website and view all the adorable photos of the little angels using the hammock and the parents reviews of the hammock as well. I can say that you will go into cuteness over load as the babies on the reviews are just so adorable! It’s perfect for new Mom’s and the perfect Baby Shower gift.