Awwww! What A Cute Cat…OMG! That’s NOT A CAT!

My daughter asked if I would return some movies for her that she had. So I told her that wouldn’t be a problem, I would return them after my show was finished. When my show was over I put on my Sweatshirt and picked up the movies and my keys and was on my way out the door.

I had no sooner got out the door and I saw a cute Black cat, so I got down so that it would come to me so I could pet it. As it came closer, I all the sudden saw the NOT so lovely white stripe up the middle of it’s back! So I went to scream and then thought good idea scare it so it sprays you for sure! UGH! So I stood up slowly, and started to move to the side of my van, as soon as I was out of “Spraying” distance, I was all knees and elbows! I was down the driveway so fast, I bet the skunk wondered where I went. LOL I’m also sure that the neighbors were saying “Honey, you HAVE to see this! What the heck is she doing!”

I thought about setting off my alarm on my van, BUT it was 11pm for one, two, I thought not the greatest idea or it may spray my van and EWWWWWWWWWW! That oh so lovely smell could last for MONTHS! So I’m sitting at the end of the driveway, hitting my “unlock” button on the key. Mainly hoping that it would scare away the skunk as they are not really a fan of lights, and so I can see where it is. I must have hit the button about 15-20 times. I looked up and down the driveway on both sides of my van! (In my head I’m PRAYING that it’s gone!) I kept looking for about 10 minutes after I thought it was gone. I didn’t see it anywhere. I went up slowly, like it was a caged Lion or something that was going to jump out and attack me at any moment. Thinking back now, it makes me laugh at myself. I then ran to my side of the van and jumped in, of course the doors were unlocked after all the times I had hit the unlock button!

I turn on the head lights, look around the yard and it seemed that the skunk had left. So I start up my van and I’m on my way to return the movies. It just keeps replaying in my mind and I start to just laugh at myself. I was like a stealth ninja all because of a skunk. Okay, I’m sure if one of the neighbors were watching they were laughing so hard that if they had a drink in their mouth at the time, it is now all over their window! I went and returned the movies, then drove back home again.

When I get home, I have my headlights on bright so I can see the WHOLE yard, I’m determined that I’m not going to get sprayed. I drive in on an angle so that I can see the backyard. I’m not seeing the skunk, I’m scanning for about 5 minutes. I then get brave enough to open the van door, with my key in hand of course, throw the key in the door, open it, jump inside and slam it shut again. I locked the door so fast! Yes, because the skunk could reach the door knob and just let himself in. lol I come in the living room, my son looks at me and says “Mom, what are you doing?” So I tell him about my adventure with the skunk. He is just dying laughing at me, he looks at me and says “Mom, did you bring the skunk with us from our old house?” I laughed and said “I think his brother found us!” I’m hoping he doesn’t decide to make his home here. Let’s hope I scared him off with the lights and he is going to move onto someone else’s home now! So that was my little adventure for the evening, trying to pet a cat that was a skunk! UGH! Why is it that I have all the animal fun, they seem to flock to me, I get chased by Possums, try to pet skunks, and other animal adventures that I could do without!