What Happens When It’s Raining Outside, You Have The Key To Your Brother’s House, And A Vinyl Cutting Machine?

wally flush

My brother loves to pick on me on a regular basis about my crafting. I love to create things but he ALWAYS has some kind of comments. Since my dad has been in the hospital, I have been letting my brother’s dogs out during the day. So I was sitting there yesterday and thought, Oh, his house is screaming for a little decorating. lol It’s raining outside, a perfect day to have some fun crafting.

So I got out my vinyl cutting machine, grabbed some of my black Vinyl and cut out this pattern and weeded it. Then headed over to his house with my design and transfer tape to place it on his toilet. Then I put a sign on the lid as he had a post-it note on his toilet that said “Close Lid”, other wise his furbabies think it’s a huge water bowl. So I removed the post-It note and put it on there so that everyone will remember to close the lid. You only see it when the lid is up.

So everyone was having a good laugh at me decorating his toilet but of course did the “I know nothing about this!” LOL! I talked to him later and he did the, yeah, not a fan of the peeking out of the toilet but keeping the “Please put the seat down”. I had to do one functional project for him and one that, Well just entertained me. lol Some times you just have to have a little fun! It makes those rainy days better. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………..wonder what I will be making him for his birthday!!!! lol