10 Fun Ideas For Singles For Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay #Singles


Are you hearing everyone gush over what they hope their Valentine’s Day will entail. Do you have that envy feeling that everyone has that special someone? You know that not everyone does but it seems that way. Have you been looking at guys that you have thought about going out with just to have a date for Valentine’s Day?

It’s normal to feel like everyone has someone to go out with on Valentine’s Day when your not with anyone at the moment. Have you thought about making plans with Ben & Jerry for a little Cherry Garcia therapy on Valentine’s Day? Before you sink into the couch in your PJ’s with Ben & Jerry, why not listen to why it’s not a bad thing not to have a date on Valentine’s Day.

Take some of the pressure off yourself with these great reasons of Why it’s okay not to have a date for Valentine’s Day.

1. Being single has it’s perks, make plans with other singles to go watch a comedy movie, have dinner, or something that you all enjoy. Forget that it’s Valentine’s Day and just have a great time with friends.

2. Pamper yourself with a massage, getting your nails or hair done. There is nothing better then getting a little pampering and making the day brighter.

3. Attend a wine tasting, nothing more soothing for wine lovers then enjoying a great glass of wine. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the evening. Top the night off with a great meal and catching up with everyone on their lives.

4. Is there a friend you always mean to get together with but your schedules just never seem to go together? See if they are available to get together and catch up on Valentine’s Day. It’s always a great pick me up when you get together with someone you haven’t seen in ages. You will be so busy laughing and catching up that you will forget that it’s Valentine’s Day.

5. Have a singles get together in your home, invite all your single friends. Have them bring a dish to pass, serve wine or other drinks. Have a fun game night, play Selfie , Apples to Apples , or other games that will have everyone laughing. There are so many great games that you can choose from but I do highly suggest Selfie, and you do not need a Cell Phone to play.

6. Have a Valentine’s Day party with other Single Mom’s and their children. Just because your a single Mom, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time on Valentine’s Day. Have everyone bring a child friendly dish to pass, have drinks, Let the kids decorate the kids table. Have fun with the foods, play games or watch a good movie.

7. Get a sitter for the kids, get together with other single moms and let your creative side shine. There are so many great painting studios, Ceramics, and other creative outlets that offer groups a great time of showing your creative side paired with a great wine. Let the creativity and laughter flow, while you have a great piece of art that you create to display in your home.

8. Have a fun children’s outing for Valentine’s Day. Take the kids to one of their favorite places for some Valentine’s Day fun. Take them a movie that they have been wanting to see, a child friendly restaurant or Chuck E. Cheese. Make Valentine’s Day all about your favorite Valentines.

9. Set up a fun party for the kids in another room with teens in charge. Have the video games, party games, finger foods, and other fun for them. Then host a Jewelry, cooking, or other home party for the adults. Serve some adult finger foods, and earn hostess credit for the items that you have been wanting.

10. Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger Hunt with the kids. Hid fun little trinkets around for them to hunt. Give them clues to the next trinket. Serve a fun Valentine’s Day meal of finger foods, plan some fun crafts, watch a movie, and just have fun. Those Valentine’s will only be little once, enjoy that time with them.