8 Careers That Allow You To Move To A New Country

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Training in a job that translates well across continents is ideal for anyone who frequently gets itchy feet. Luckily, there are plenty such careers to consider that there will be one to suit anyone and everyone. So, if you haven’t yet decided on a career path but just know that you don’t want to stay in your home country forever, investigate some roles under the umbrella of these worldwide careers.

Especially if you teach English, you will find work all over the planet. Teaching English can take you to all countries –it’s a sought-after language that is taught in almost all schools. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, try going into math, science or technology; which are important core subjects across the globe.

Chef Training
As a chef in a new country would bring the exciting and challenging option to learn how to expertly cook that country’s traditional cuisine, expanding your skillset
exponentially. This means you can bring that expertise to other countries or take your own country’s native cuisine to others. Learning multiple ways of cooking is integral to becoming a great chef, and there’s no better way to do this than to learn to properly cook the cuisines of many different countries.

Building Contractor
In a similar vein to learning to cook according to traditional methods, becoming a builder and moving to a different country could work in the same way, only with architecture. You will have noticed that every place around the world builds houses differently – learning new ways of building will increase your skills and knowledge. Easily gain your contractor license through organizations like Contractor Training Center – find out about courses near you On their website.

IT Technician
Every country strives to keep up with the latest technological advances, so if you can bring this skill to a new position, your services will be incredibly valued. Whether you fix computers, are an expert at ridding devices of viruses, setting up connectivity networks, or your expertise is in web development – you’re sure to find employment anywhere on the planet.

Work Freelance Writers, artists, illustrators, designers, translators, editors,
and many more job titles are popularly done on a freelance basis. As you are your own boss and complete your work where ever you wish, not confined to a traditional workplace, you can do this from anywhere in the world. Write articles from a café in Paris, work on brand logos from an apartment in Istanbul, translate texts in a library in Toronto… The world is your oyster!

Real Estate Agent
Buying, selling and renting homes happens in every country – take advantage of this and train in real estate in your home country, and see where it takes you! Browse job adverts for real estate agents online – you’ll be surprised at where you could end up. Fancy selling beach huts in Fiji? Us too!

Cabin Crew
Getting a job as an air steward is the easy route to traveling all over the world for your job! Enjoy stop-overs in fancy hotels where ever you might land. It’s a job that takes a toll on your body, but the travel opportunities aren’t to be missed. If you think being up in the air and living at altitude might not work for you, an alternative you could consider is working as cruise ship crew. Cruises need bartenders, chefs, entertainers, cleaners, chambermaids…There’s a job for anyone in the travel industry.

Medical Careers
Where ever there’s people, there will need to be medical professionals… And there are people everywhere. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, surgeon, pediatrician, anesthetist, midwife, pharmacy assistant, radiologist or even a medical receptionist, your services will be in demand where ever you go on the planet. Emergency response practitioners are highly sought after everywhere – consider this avenue if you plan to work and travel in your lifetime.

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