6 Free Virtual Reality Chemistry Lessons From Mel Science #Homeschool #Science


I’m so excited to share with all of you that there are some great new virtual reality Chemistry lessons that are available to you free. There are 6 wonderful Chemistry lessons that you can share with your child to help them learn more about Atoms and what they can do. Mel Science has just released them as of today June 14th, 2017.

You will need to use Google Daydream to use the 6 Free Chemistry lessons. There will be other lessons that will be available as well but each will need to be purchased as they are introduced. The virtual reality Chemistry lessons use the K–12 Curriculum which I can tell you is more advanced. My son is using K-12 and I have been highly impressed with the Curriculum as well as how much my son has learned. So we are very excited to use the virtual reality Chemistry assignments along with his assignments from K-12 as well. However, I believe that the virtual reality Chemistry lessons could also be used with homeschooling as well as brick and mortar schools as well to increase the children’s knowledge about the different topics and make learning more fun for them.

You can find the about Atoms from Mel Science . As I stated there will be more to come and they will be available to use with different platforms as well at this time it’s with Google Daydream but they will be available with other platforms soon according to the CEO of Mel Science. Which I have had the pleasure of working with on several occasions and always look forward to their new creations as they become available.

The 6 Free virtual reality Chemistry lessons that are available are the following:

1. Atoms in solids
2. Atoms in gases
3. Atom structure
4. Electron orbitals
5. Isotopes
6. Make your atom

You can also go to view the 150 virtual reality Chemistry lessons that will be coming out and what they will be. I can’t wait for the thermal conductivity to come out this fall, as well as the Interactive Periodical Table. It’s going to be an amazing way to engage your children in a way to educate them but also in a way that they will want to learn everything they can. This will bring Science education to a whole new level that will help children that normally do not maybe like science love it.

I also love that you can incorporate it into some fun summer learning with your children that they will love. You won’t have to try to make them interested in wanting to learn they will just want to because it’s so much fun. So enjoy keeping your children learning this summer with you to keep their minds refreshed for next school year while having a great time. It would also be the perfect rainy day fun to keep them having fun while learning on those dreary days. Let the Science fun begin!

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