5 Unique Swimming Pool Mosaic Designs

Pool mosaics come in a wide variety of designs. These works of art are handcrafted from ceramic or glass and are attached permanently to your pool. Some of the most popular designs include dolphins, sea turtles, and fish mosaics. If you are looking to create a more unique space look, however, we have compiled a list of less common but equally stunning pool mosaic designs to choose from.

Dolphin pool

Unique Pool Mosaic Ideas for Your Pool

1. Octopus Pool Mosaics
Octopuses, with their eight arms and three hearts, have been inhabiting our oceans for almost 300 million years. They are incredibly intelligent and interesting creatures that are capable of changing their color to match their surroundings. Adding an octopus to your swimming pool is a gorgeous way to add color and intrigue to your space.
Whether you are looking to add a majestic creature straight out of a mythical legend, or a fun cartoon octopus for a little whimsy in your pool, there are numerous pool mosaics to choose from.

2. Coral Pool Mosaics
coral pool
Coral Reefs are famous for their spectacular beauty. People will travel all over the world just to see them in person. Luckily, with a coral pool mosaic, you won’t have to travel farther than your backyard. These gorgeous designs are full of color and make for spectacular centerpieces which look incredible when installed in the center of a pool.

No matter if you are hoping to create a magnificent mural or simply add a few accents of color, coral pool mosaics are an artistic way to beautify your backyard oasis.

3. Crab Pool Mosaics
Crabs are a wildly diverse animal. There are over 4,500 different species that range in size from less than half an inch wide to over twelve feet! These real-life scuttering creatures come in all shapes and colors – and luckily so do the mosaic versions.

It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, there is a crab pool mosaic to match. From artistic glass crab mosaics to realistic tile mosaics, to fun cartoon mosaics, you’ll have no problem finding the crustacean that is right for you – without worrying about getting pinched!

4. Alligator Pool Mosaics
Alligators, often described as “living fossils”, are a symbol of strength and power with a fascinating legacy over 200 million years old. Did you know that alligators continue to grow new teeth all throughout their lives? It’s true! Within one lifetime, an alligator can go through over 2,500 teeth.

Adding one of these toothy beauties to your backyard swimming pool is a great way to create a signature, sophisticated look, completely unique to your particular style.

5. Frog Pool Mosaics
Known to be playful and cheerful, Frogs are also often associated with healing. That being said, frogs are more than what meets the eye. If you’re in search of a little added good fortune, look no further. These fun-loving amphibians are often thought to symbolize good luck.

Frog pool mosaics are incredibly versatile. Not only do they look great at the bottom of a pool, but they also make a great accent along the wall or even on the deck surrounding the pool.
What pool mosaic design is right for you?

No matter your personal style, there is bound to be a pool mosaic to perfectly match the aesthetics you are going for. Don’t see a design that’s just right? Not to worry! There is always the option of ordering a customized pool mosaic. These works of art can be created with just about any design and color scheme you could imagine.

* Pool mosaics are high-quality and visually stunning, with a wealth of other benefits:
* Environmentally friendly
* Wide variety of colors & designs available
* Can be used in any shaped pool
* Finish quality doesn’t change over time
* High-quality material can’t be mechanically damaged
* Mosaics can be arranged in many unique patterns
* Gives your pool a fresh, new look

If you are looking for a unique and gorgeous way to add a pop to your backyard oasis, pool mosaics are an incredible option, no matter your situation.

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