5 Tips on How to Dry Laundry Quickly Indoors

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Despite the fact that sometimes we complain about the heat, those sunny days are always good for our laundry. In addition to killing bacteria and improving the odor on our clothes, sunlight is considered the best way to get laundry dry. But blame it on the seasons; most of the days and nights in a year are the ones we have to deal with cold, moist or and snowy 12-24 hours. But hygiene and sanitation standards have to be observed all the same. Ever woke up to one of those mornings when you’re like, “where’s my blue silk top that I really need to wear today?”Well, for those of you who have a tumble dryer, it just takes you a couple of minutes to hours to get this blue top ready. However, these don’t always come cheap. And endless cycle of wet laundry can be a disaster in the making, especially for the professional individual who has to look the part out there at work. So how exactly can you dry your wet clothes fast indoors?

Here are some 5 tips on how to dry laundry quickly indoors.

1. Get a drying rack
Also known as a clothes horse, a drying rack can be an amazing piece of equipment in your arsenal if you have to dry your clothes indoors. These are mostly made of plastic and can be acquired from most supermarkets and homeware stores. Foldable options that allow you to save on storage space are also available. In case you need something more practical, you can also plant a few indoor clotheslines, but this will require you to have a considerable amount of indoor space you can spare.

2. Pick a warm and breezy place
When you have to dry your laundry indoors, the location will also have an impact on how long your clothes take to dry. Significantly warm places that have a good flow of air can be the best to place your airer, clothesline or permanent drying rack. You can also consider areas with a considerable source of warmth, such as near the oven (kitchen) or radiator. However, you’ll also want to avoid areas where your clothes can pick up foul or strange smells.

3. Rotate your drying clothes regularly
To improve the rate at which your clothes dry indoors, be sure to rotate the hanging positions regularly or at least once. Doing so improves airflow and heat distribution, which are factors that your laundry relies on to dry. The way you pack up or position your clothes drying rack will also affect how fast the moisture in them drains and evaporates off. Also, you might want to consider opening more windows to improve ventilation, which can reduce the time your clothes take to dry. However

4. Consider Using Hangers
Whether you’re using a clothesline or a drying rack; your smart fit shirts, blouses, and coats could use some hangers. In addition to saving space, using hangers will also help reduce creasing when drying your clothes indoors. Once dry, you’ll have less to worry about ironing.

5. Dehumidify

Last but not least, drying clothes with dehumidifieris also another one among the best ways you can dry laundry quickly indoors. In addition to speeding up the clothes drying process, a dehumidifier will also protect your indoor environment from moisture and smells of dumpiness. It will protect your home indoors from attracting the growth of mold and other microorganisms. With the above tips, you can manage your closet better during the cold or rainy season. Anytime you’re doing the laundry and the sun is not up, you’ll have less to worry about.

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