4 Tips To Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

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Winter is on the way. Homeowners all over the United States are working round the clock to keep their homes warm and their families healthy this cold season. However, preparing your home for winter can be expensive. How do you keep your family warm without blowing the energy bill?
Here are four handy tips to keep your home warm this winter.

1. Use Heavy Curtains
Covering your windows properly is a great way to ensure that heat does not escape from your home during the cold season. Up to 40% of the heat loss that occurs in your home leaks from the windows. Invest in some heavy drapes to give your home extra insulation.
During the day, when the sun is out you can open your windows to let some warm air in. Shut your curtains immediately it starts getting dark in order to keep the warmth inside the rooms.

2. Seal All The Cracks And Gaps
Unsealed cracks and gaps can raise your energy bill by 30% or even more. This is because most of your heated air slips through the cracks and gets wasted. Ensure that you inspect the interior and exterior walls of your home.
Seal all the cracks and gaping holes to protect your home from air leaks. Inspect the window frames and doors as well. Fill the gaps with spray foam insulation that is specifically designed for doors and windows.
Seal cracked basement floors and walls. Check your supply ducts. Ducts are one of the top causes of a leaky home. Ensure that all air duct problems are repaired before winter so that they do not interfere with the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.

3. Place Rugs On Wooden Floors
Hardwood floors are beautiful and can enhance the appearance of your house. However, during winter, wood floors can get extremely cold because they let the heat escape. To counter this, place a rug on the floor. This will help keep your feet warm on the floor surface and also, the rugs provide extra insulation which keeps the entire house warm.
You can place your rugs along the entryways but ensure that you do not step on the rugs with wet shoes as you enter the house since they can absorb moisture and make the temperatures in your house worse.

4. Buy A Humidifier
A humidifier is a lifesaver during winter. When the weather turns cold, kids become more vulnerable to those dreaded coughs and sniffles that feel like they are never-ending. A humidifier provides a natural option by adding moisture to the air and this greatly reduces dryness in the throat, sinus headaches, bloody noses, and allergies during winter.
There you go; four tips to keeping your home warm this winter. Are you looking for the best humidifiers for children and babies? At How To Home, you will find a comprehensive guide to choosing one for a baby, the pros and cons of each humidifier and the best pick for a household with small children.

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