4 Tips to helping your child prepare for school

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Going to school is an exciting and scary time for both parent and child as it is a new environment. School is a great opportunity for the child to grow and develop. It is a new stage in the child’s life and requires adequate preparation to ensure that the child is ready for this new experience. Below are a couple of tips which you can use to help your child get ready for this chapter in life.

1. Label their items with custom stickers

School grants children the opportunity to be independent and to make decisions by themselves. They also learn to be responsible while at school as they have to learn to take care of their things. Training them at home to pack their bags and take care of their things will also take place at school. An easy way to help them remember and identify their items is through the use of custom stickers which they can use to label what is theirs. These are available online since you can get Custom Stickers from Stickeroo at an affordable price. All these activities will collectively help your child to be responsible.

2. Encourage them to make new friends

Your child may get nervous at the school since it is a new environment with individuals that they do not know. Beforehand, therefore, train them to interact with other kids in the neighborhood so that they can learn to make new friends. This will boost their confidence and will grant them the courage they need to speak up and reach out to other children first. Doing this will help them make friends with ease once they get to school.

3. Attend orientation with them

If the school has an orientation session before the opening date, it is wise to attend this with them. This will grant you the opportunity to know the school’s routine, as well as enable you to meet the school staff and know the teachers who will be handling your child. The orientation will help your child to get a feel of the school and to know their way around. It will also help them get acquainted with his or her teacher as well as with other children that your child will be sharing a class with. This will help them have a friend before school and they will thus not feel alone during the first day.

4. Encourage them to behave themselves

Children need to be constantly reminded to behave well and to be nice to the other children. To prepare them for school, teach them the importance of listening to their teacher’s instructions and to behave well in class. Show them how important it is for them to behave properly and to be nice to the other children in school. Encourage them to be orderly, clean and tidy and to do their school work well. This way, everyone will have an easy time.

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