25 Ways To Recycle Jeans #RecycleJeans

There are 25 Ways To Recycle Jeans. There are some great ideas so don’t throw away those Jeans that are just worn. You can make some great projects with them.

There are even some great projects that you can make for the holidays! Projects that would be perfect for College students for their dorms. I love to recycle jeans into warm blankets for the winter to keep our family warm. I use jeans that usually have holes in the knees and are worn to make them. They come out so pretty when you use the pockets as well to decorate the blanket and you can use them to hold things as well. They work out perfect when your sick and you can put everything you need in the pockets so you don’t have to get up and search for them. It’s a great place to put the T.v. remote if you have one in your bedroom or you have made a lap quilt out of them to stay warm while watching t.v. or reading a book.

There are always so many great ways to recycle jeans. Don’t just throw them out breath new life into them and make them come to life again.

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