14 No Candy Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards #ValentinesDay


It’s almost that great time of handing out Valentine’s Cards to the kids in their class. I know every year my kids look forward to their Valentine’s Day party at school. They love writing their names on them and choosing who is getting which card.

My son is already dying to get his Valentine’s for his class done. He has been talking with his friends already so he knows what they like and do not like so he can pick the perfect cards for them. He is so excited about the whole party which I’m sure your kids are as well.

It’s one day the kids look forward to so I thought I would share some fun free printable Kids Valentine’s Day cards that you can print out at home. Their are 14 No Candy Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards that would be perfect for glow sticks, fresh fruit, little Dollar Tree toys, or many other items that you could use. They are so adorable that the kids are just going to love them.

Start to print today and have a fun project to work on with your child/ren for their class. These ideas are so cute, your sure to love them. Your child will also be excited to hand them out and you will be making great memories in the process.

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