13 Nights Of Halloween T.V. Show Lineup 2016 #Halloween

Oct. 19th

* 7pm EST/6pm CST R-L-Stines-Monsterville-Cabinet-Souls

* 8pm EST/7pm EST Hocus-Pocus

Oct. 20th

* 7pm EST/6pm CST Addams-Family

* 8pm EST/7pm CST Addams-Family-Values

Oct. 21

* 8:30pm EST/ 7:30pm CST Sleepy Hallow

Oct. 22

* 4:40pm EST/3:30pm CST Scooby-Doo

* 6:50pm EST/5:50pm CST Scobby Doo 2

* 9pm EST/8pm CST Monster University

Oct. 23nd

* 6:50pm EST/ 5:50pm CST Toy Story Of Terror

* 7:20pm EST/ 6:20pm CST Monster University

Oct. 24th

* 9pm EST/ 8pm CST Hocus-Pocus

Oct. 25th

6pm EST/ 5pm CST Addams-Family-Values

Oct. 26

* 6pm EST/ 5pm CST Dark Shadows

Oct. 27th

* 4pm EST/3pm CST Goonies

* 6:30pm EST/ 5:30pm CST Sleepy Hallow

Oct. 28th

* 4:30pm EST/ 3:30pm CST Hunger Games

* 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST Hunger Games Catching Fire

Oct. 29th

* 5:15pm EST/4:15pm CST Addams-Family

* 7:20pm EST/ 6:20pm CST Addams-Family-Values

Oct. 30th

* 7:25pm EST/ 6:25pm CST Hocus-Pocus

* 9:30pm EST/ 8:30pm CST Sleepy Hallow

Oct. 31st

* 7pm EST/6pm CST Addams-Family-Values

* 9pm EST/8pm CST Hocus-Pocus

We would also love to share these great Halloween movies with your family as well. There are kid friendly movies as well as ones that just adults will love.

Children’s Movies

* Mostly Ghostly

* Casper

* Halloweentown-II-Kalabars-Revenge

* Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

* Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mikey’s Treat

* Twitches

* Hotel Transylvania

* Winnie Pooh Frankenpooh Spookable

* The Nightmare Before Christmas

Family and Family Movies

* Freddy Jason Friday 13th

* Children Of The Corn Series

* Pet Semetary

* Possession/Cabin Sinister

* The Shining

* Chucky

* Carrie Rage 2

* Nightmare On Elm Street

* Saw

* Night Demons

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