10 Easy Date Nights To Have At Home When The Kids Go To Bed #Datenight #Love

Do you and your spouse need a date night but can’t make it to go out to have one? Why let that stop you, we all still need our date nights to keep our romance alive and keep things fresh. There are many different date nights you could have right at home after the children go to bed. Is your spouse coming home a little late and you want to surprise him or her with a special date night?

You can also take turns planning date nights so that each of you gets turns to express your love and do things the other would like to do. When your planning your date night be sure to keep in mind both of your interests, what drew you together, hints your spouse has been talking to you about (Yes, I know that means you have to pay attention when your spouse is talking. lol). Feed the children early, let them run, play and wear themselves out, then give them their bath, PJ’s, their story time or regular bedtime routine. While your going through their bedtime routine, put your dinner in the oven for you and your partner to cook while your getting the children ready for bed. When the children are in bed and you have had dinner. You can then choose your idea or one of the following to do with your spouse.

1. Chocolate covered Strawberries, a great movie that you will both like, a glass of wine or your favorite beverages, a relaxing cuddle time, if your both tired but still want a date night.

2. Recreate how you met your partner, set up your living room or another room to look like where you met. Make your own set, have the children help you, they will love being apart of the surprise that they don’t know what it’s for.

3. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to visit like an island getaway, France, or another get away?? Make your own getaway, serve drinks, foods, and if you want to go all out turn your backyard or a room in the house into your island getaway. Use lawn chairs, make your own palm trees, bring the kids sandbox over, go for a swim in your pool if you have one. Just bring the getaway to you.

4. Sit in front of a fireplace and have a picnic, Set out a blanket, champagne or your favorite drink, put on some soft music, serve some great foods that are both your favorites. Sit and talk about your favorite memories, how your day was, or any other topics you would like to discuss.

5. Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt to get clues about your Date night. Put a note on the bedroom mirror, in the bathroom, one in their lunch, send flowers with a clue. Get them excited about having a date night. Then once they are gone, put your date night with plans in action. If you work, put your dinner in the crockpot for your date night, have your date night planned around your clues. You can get everything you need ready a couple days in advance for that you are ready and know what type of date night clues to give.

6. Turn into kids again, plan a date night around a fire pit, get out hot dogs to roast with all the fixings, have some baked beans, fruit salad, and have marshmellows, chocolate, graham crackers and make S’mores.

7. Make your favorite finger foods, make fun finger sized desserts, apps, spring rolls, or other fun foods. You could even do foods from different countries as a theme. Make some drinks, it can be your favorite or try a new one that you have been wanting to try. Just sit and relax together if it’s already been a rough week and let the conversation go where ever you both would like or watch a foreign film.

8. If you have a hot tub, plan your date night around relaxation. Have drinks by the hot tub, just sit, cuddle up, and let your body’s relax. Sometimes the best date nights are when you are able to get in a little destressing from the week. When you can just relax, not have to talk, and just know your partner is there.

9. Make a romantic candle light dinner, set out candles, wine, a romantic meal. Then after your meal, you can sit and read a book that both of you have been wanting to read. Take turns reading. Stop when you both want to and pick it up on your next date night or the next evening and keep your date night going all week or until your finished with the book.

10. Play a game together, cards, a board game, dice game, or any other game that you like. You could choose one of the funny games that will get you both laughing and having some fun together. Serve some finger foods to eat while your playing. It’s just a fun date night, where you can have some fun without a lot of pressure of what to do for your date.

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