5 Unique Swimming Pool Mosaic Designs

Pool mosaics come in a wide variety of designs. These works of art are handcrafted from ceramic or glass and are attached permanently to your pool. Some of the most popular designs include dolphins, sea turtles, and fish mosaics. If you are looking to create a more unique space look, however, we have compiled a list of less common but equally stunning pool mosaic designs to choose from.

Dolphin pool

Unique Pool Mosaic Ideas for Your Pool

1. Octopus Pool Mosaics
Octopuses, with their eight arms and three hearts, have been inhabiting our oceans for almost 300 million years. They are incredibly intelligent and interesting creatures that are capable of changing their color to match their surroundings. Adding an octopus to your swimming pool is a gorgeous way to add color and intrigue to your space.
Whether you are looking to add a majestic creature straight out of a mythical legend, or a fun cartoon octopus for a little whimsy in your pool, there are numerous pool mosaics to choose from.

2. Coral Pool Mosaics
coral pool
Coral Reefs are famous for their spectacular beauty. People will travel all over the world just to see them in person. Luckily, with a coral pool mosaic, you won’t have to travel farther than your backyard. These gorgeous designs are full of color and make for spectacular centerpieces which look incredible when installed in the center of a pool.

No matter if you are hoping to create a magnificent mural or simply add a few accents of color, coral pool mosaics are an artistic way to beautify your backyard oasis.

3. Crab Pool Mosaics
Crabs are a wildly diverse animal. There are over 4,500 different species that range in size from less than half an inch wide to over twelve feet! These real-life scuttering creatures come in all shapes and colors – and luckily so do the mosaic versions.

It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, there is a crab pool mosaic to match. From artistic glass crab mosaics to realistic tile mosaics, to fun cartoon mosaics, you’ll have no problem finding the crustacean that is right for you – without worrying about getting pinched!

4. Alligator Pool Mosaics
Alligators, often described as “living fossils”, are a symbol of strength and power with a fascinating legacy over 200 million years old. Did you know that alligators continue to grow new teeth all throughout their lives? It’s true! Within one lifetime, an alligator can go through over 2,500 teeth.

Adding one of these toothy beauties to your backyard swimming pool is a great way to create a signature, sophisticated look, completely unique to your particular style.

5. Frog Pool Mosaics
Known to be playful and cheerful, Frogs are also often associated with healing. That being said, frogs are more than what meets the eye. If you’re in search of a little added good fortune, look no further. These fun-loving amphibians are often thought to symbolize good luck.

Frog pool mosaics are incredibly versatile. Not only do they look great at the bottom of a pool, but they also make a great accent along the wall or even on the deck surrounding the pool.
What pool mosaic design is right for you?

No matter your personal style, there is bound to be a pool mosaic to perfectly match the aesthetics you are going for. Don’t see a design that’s just right? Not to worry! There is always the option of ordering a customized pool mosaic. These works of art can be created with just about any design and color scheme you could imagine.

* Pool mosaics are high-quality and visually stunning, with a wealth of other benefits:
* Environmentally friendly
* Wide variety of colors & designs available
* Can be used in any shaped pool
* Finish quality doesn’t change over time
* High-quality material can’t be mechanically damaged
* Mosaics can be arranged in many unique patterns
* Gives your pool a fresh, new look

If you are looking for a unique and gorgeous way to add a pop to your backyard oasis, pool mosaics are an incredible option, no matter your situation.

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How To Care For Your Greenhouse


Growing plants is one of the best ways to spend your time in your garden. Not to mention it gives one the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a productive way. If you have been interested in gardening, you have an opportunity to start gardening and then enjoy many health benefits of your natural plants. However, if you want to achieve the best gardening results, make sure that you have the right gardening tools. Luckily, the introduction of greenhouses is helping most farmers to meet their gardening goals.

1) The Right Place
When you are setting up your first greenhouse, the right factor that you are recommended to consider is the right place. It is essential to understand and think about where you want to place your greenhouse. The location that you will set aside should be open and receive enough sunshine. Once you have found the right place, you should take your time and know the types of greenhouse that will suit your location.
There are various online retailers of Greenhouses in the UK today that can help you to find the right type of a Greenhouse. GreenHouse Stores are among the leading online retailers that can help you with various Greenhouse accessories. Once you visit their site, you will find other useful information that will guide and help you to buy and maintain your greenhouse.

2) Daily Observation
It is crucial to ensure that you take care of your greenhouse daily. Make sure that each day you are on the lookout for any signs of pests. Once you notice that some of your plants are infested with pests, make sure that you remove them immediately. If you see that there is enough space, make sure that you separate. Set aside a particular area within your greenhouse where you will treat them. Also, if you notice some changes in your greenhouse, ensure that you take immediate action to repair them.

3) Clean Often
Apart from separating your infested plants in your greenhouse, it is vital to keep your greenhouse neat. Make sure that you sterilize and regularly clean the surface of the greenhouse if you want it to last for an extended period. When you are cleaning your conservatory, make sure that you use environmentally friendly detergents or soaps together with warm water. Use them to clean all the counters and floors of the greenhouse.

4) Ventilation System
When installing your greenhouse, you need to ensure that it has proper ventilation systems. Make sure that you check them frequently to ensure that they are functioning correctly. If the louvers and shutters get squeaky, make sure that you oil them. These parts must get lubricated so that they work correctly.
It is vital to ensure that your greenhouse is in proper condition. As a farmer, you need to ensure that your greenhouse remains healthy and productive. As mentioned a while, place your greenhouse in an exposed area so that it gets maximum sunshine that is needed.

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Legit Work From Home Jobs Or Work From Home Ideas

woman working on her laptop

How to make money from home to support your family. You can make money from home in legit ways that do not cost you money to start working and some you would just need the cost of the materials just to get started. Most of them you will need a computer and/or a phone to do them. Some you will not need either. These are just some ideas of things you can do to make money at home. Most you can set your own hours and work when you would like to.

Becoming A VA For Bloggers:
You can make money writing articles for blogs, Making recipe articles with pictures of how to make a recipe that is your own, How to make a craft that you make with photos, Travel articles done about visiting your area with photos, there are so many topics you can write about and sell the articles to bloggers who will buy them and use them on their blogs but they must be original articles. You can earn $15 to $35 per article and receive the money using your own paypal account (Online bank). You can learn how to be a VA by just doing a search for how to be a VA. There are VA facebook groups that you can sell the articles to bloggers in and be paid right away.


There are several ways that you can earn money with photography if you can take good photos.
* You can do mini photo shoots for families at a location for family pictures, engagements, and other events.
* Do VA work and add your photos to the articles that your selling.
* Take photos and make a website to sell photos for companies and bloggers that need them for their articles and blog posts.
* Here are a couple of websites with more Ideas on how to use photography to make money from home.

Canadian Company that hires employees for different positions to work from home. There are jobs in the work force environment as well. Apply here

These work-from-home positions are available for applications at Asurion’s career page. Select the position ​and hit the application button. It will then ask
you to fill out your information and sign up for an account at Asurion. This will direct you to a short online questionnaire. After you complete this, there will be an opportunity to submit a CV and/or a resume. A
criminal background check and a drug screening are required. Apply here.

American Express :
In the jobs database, use “virtual,” “telecommute” or “work at home” as keywords in the search bar. Then add your location and click search. The travel division of American Express has a large telecommute workforce and actively hires telecommuters in the U.S., U.K, Canada, and
Australia for travel counselor and other call center jobs. Also, the financial company also allows many of its corporate jobs to be telecommuted Apply here.

Become an online Tutor:
Students will always be willing to pay for extra 1-on-1 help, which means there will always be opportunities for work as a tutor.
Here are some tips on how to market yourself as a tutor and get clients. You can also sign up for an online tutoring platform like Chegg. Chegg reports that their tutors make $20+ an hour.

Teach Languages to Students who want to learn the language. Whatever language you speak you could teach others who want to learn. This is a legit site and you can earn from $7-$30 an hour teaching languages. English is included but it needs to be proper English. If you Speak French you can teach a student French. There are several sites that offer a great online tutoring job.
Verbling: $7 to $30 an hour Apply Here
iTalki: $10-$30 an hour Apply Here
Vipkid: $14-$22 an hour teaching English Apply Here
Cambly: $10 an hour. If you have not done tutoring as of yet this is a great site to start on! Apply Here

if there there is something that your good at making and you can sell them to make money on them. You can sell your items on your local garage sale sites, Offer Up app, or many other sites like this. (Inital cost of supplies to make items)

Refurbishing Furniture that is being recycled:
There are a lot of people who grab furniture that is in good shape from the weekly garbage collections or free pieces on the garage sale sites and then redo them to make them beautiful again and sell them. There are some great facebook groups that show refurbished furniture and groups that give you the steps to do it as well. Youtube also has some great videos on how to Recycle furniture and Reburbishing furniture. (Will be an initial cost for paints and supplies for painting.)

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Safety Tips to Protect Your Child from Getting Injured

children playing1

It is actually very easy to say that, “I am going to protect my child from all the injuries as I can’t see my child getting hurt”. So, this is really not possible as children play different games and stuff and end up hurting themselves and moreover, no parents can see their child getting hurt but even after taking a lot of care, children do get injuries.

Injuries are of several types. Some of them are minor which does not create much issue whereas some of them are major injuries which create problems in future. Thus, there should be some safety tips taken by the parents in order to avoid any major injury to their child. Some of the injuries can be prevented if you really take care of it by using some safety tips and those tips are as follows:

Poisonous Bottles
What we people do is, we just keep everything on the floor thinking that our child won’t take it whereas, at the early stage of life, children explore new things and they just put everything in their mouth even if that thing doesn’t tastes well. Children can easily open the caps of the bottle so you should avoid keeping it to the place where children can easily get it, there are different drain cleaners used at homes and they are poisonous for the children due to the several chemicals in it. So, try to keep it at the place where children cannot reach.

The kitchen is the place where your child can get different injuries. Mothers are always busy in the kitchen preparing food for their family whereas those children who are young at age, they try to grab things to balance themselves and for this reason they might hold hot oven doors, wall heaters or outdoor grills and by doing this, they can end up burning themselves. So what mothers should do is, they should give their children some activity to do like some puzzles or let them watch any cartoon so that they should get busy with that and stay away from the kitchen. In this way, you can protect your child from burning themselves.

Car Safety
Remember that car safety is the most important thing which parents should consider in order to protect their child from different incidents. Through a research, we came to know that in car accidents; mostly children are the ones who get hurt due to the negligence of their parents. Most of the parents do not pay attention towards their child’s life and health whereas it should be considered as one of the most important factor for them. In car accidents, children’s get severe injuries and sometimes it becomes the cause of their death as well. A sudden stop or even lowering the speed of your car can cause some serious injuries to the child so you should always use a car safety seat for your child whenever your child rides in the car with you.

If your child gets hurt in a car accident which took place due to others negligence then you should directly hire a lawyer who can fight for you to get you the compensation for the expenses of your child treatment. There is a law firm named Johnston Law Firm, they have some best lawyers to deal with such cases so you just directly talk to them to handle your case and fight for you.

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The Top 3 Durable Dog Toys To Buy For Your Puppy

puppy with toy1

Puppies, like babies, also need toys. Aside from the joy toys provide for our beloved furry puppies, they also aid in the strengthening of the jaws and muscles and helps in the adjustment of new puppies, especially when they come from different kennels.

However, you also have to be smart when choosing a toy for your pup. You can’t buy a toy without considering the durability, the hassle of cleaning up after dismembered toys and vet visits that are needed to ensure they did not swallow any of the toy’s materials. You must go after toys that boast of durability, though they might be a little more costly than those less durable ones.

Listed below are the top 3 durable dog toys you would want to buy for your puppy without breaking the bank.

1. Chew Bones

Chew bones aid in the development of your puppy’s strong jaw and teeth. Surprisingly, there is a chew bone depending on age, style, and taste. A nylabone chew bone range from teething puppies to playful dogs that love chewing on their toys.

What makes Nylabone
Nylabone chew bones and products recommended for puppies and dogs alike are the high-quality products proven safe and durable. These products will surely keep your fur babies happy and active. Products range from £6.25 to £29.95. Surely you can make your pups happy without making your pockets cry.

2. Toy Launchers

If your puppy is a very active type, then toy launchers are your best bet. Fling balls and let your little furball run fast. You may not like to play fetch too much because it can be tiring, but with this launcher, you may say goodbye to sore arms. You not only exercise your puppy, but you also get to do a little stretching with this toy.

However, if you still prefer not to break a single sweat while your puppy plays fetch, you may opt to buy an automatic dog ball thrower. These throwers are battery operated so no need for you to lift a finger to keep your puppy happy. It may be a little more expensive because you would have to buy batteries or rechargeable ones. If you have extra, you might want to invest in the model that will allow you to charge the unit itself.

3. Squeaky Toys

Who doesn’t love squeaky toys right? In babies, these toys never fail to elicit infectious giggles. For puppies, well they might not know how to giggle, but they will surely wag their furry tails at the first squeak. Most squeaky toys are also chewable, which make them helpful in alleviating pain on teething pups and helps them keep their teeth strong and clean. Additionally, the squeak will aid in making them alert to sudden sounds. Choose a toy that has a cute design your puppy will love. If you still need convincing, squeaky toys are probably one if not the cheapest toy for them.

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DIY Family Photos And Saying Canvas #DIY #FathersDay #Christmas #HandmadeGift #Canvas #Photos #Gift

I wanted to share this easy to make Family Photos and saying canvas that looks great on your wall or makes a great gift! They are easy to put together and you will just love them when they are done. I chose to make a completely black and white canvas for this project. However, you can print out colored pictures and use any color to paint the canvas. All of the project needs can be found at your local Walmart. You can use regular photos as well if you would like the pictures to have color in them and Walmart’s photo department can print pictures for you as well.

Materials needed:
11 X 14 Canvas or any size you want (
Acrylic paint
Printed photos either Black and white or color from regular or inkjet printer
Modge Podge
Foam brushes (They have a brush handle with foam on the end)
Letter stickers or vinyl cut saying that you want on your canvas

dads canvas7resized1

You will start with your blank canvas and then paint it the color of your choice. Now, if your doing the black and white photos, the black painted canvas comes out very pretty, of course the choice in colors is yours.

dads canvas6resized1

Once you have painted your canvas, you will let it completely dry and touch up any spots that need it.

You will now add any saying that you would like on your canvas, I made this one for my father so the saying is perfect for him. You can use a ruler to make sure your words are lined up and you can place them correctly. You will also want to make sure that their is enough room on the sides of the saying to add your photos as well.

dads canvas2resized1

You will line up the photos where you would like them to go on your canvas. Make sure you check to see that all photos are lined up with the edge of the canvas so you get the correct view and that the sizes of the photos are the way you want them. Once you have them all lined up the way you would like them then you can move onto your next step. You will want then put a thin coat of Modge Podge and then place your photo on the modge podge photo side up.

dads canvas4resized1

Now that you have all of your photos modge podged down on your canvas and let them dry for at least an hour. You will now put a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top of the photos. Then let it dry completely. Your photos are now perfect and your DIY canvas is complete.

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Create Quality Photo Books of Your favorite Memories


Once in a while, you will find yourself in need of postcards to invite guests to your event or occasion or communicating a particular message to particular people. The postcards that you are most likely to prefer have to be well designed, and the specific theme featured excellently. Mixbook.com is an internet-based site where you can do the best photo books designing and other photo product services. Mixbook.com allows customers to create great postcards enabled through its online interface. The developers of the site have their customer’s interests at heart, and they always strive to deliver beyond their customers’ expectations.

Mixbook.com has been one of the most popular websites when it comes to designing postcards. Several factors have facilitated this popularity and below we discuss some of these factors which include:

Ease of use
It is essential to note that most customers in need of the best photo books will choose to visit sites that are easy to use but at the same time delivering the best quality of options that they will be comfortable choosing from. This is the exact package that mixbook.com offers. The interface has an elegant interface that is easy for customers to navigate and find all the content they require to design their postcards. The site has expert web editors who ensure that you are taking the right steps in creating your postcards and ensuring that you are taking the shortest time possible. The controls on mixbook.com are straightforward, and nearly all customers can make excellent use of the site.

The easy to use interface allows you to upload your photo from any place that you might be at. It is also easy to place the pictures in the design you want without any struggle.

Convenience of mixbook.com
The accessibility of a particular site is one of the essential considerations that customers make before making the bold step of settling on the site. Mixbook.com is one of the best and the most useful sites you will ever visit especially when in need of the best-designed mix books.

Mixbooks.com is a well-designed site by expert developers whose focus is the customers’ satisfaction. The site has an interface, which allows you to create your postcard within the shortest time possible. You are also in a position to upload your photo from any location you are at and taking the shortest time possible, and this saves your time and energy.

With the great editors they have, mixbook.com offers you different customization options for your postcards. You can upload your photo from your social media accounts by sharing them from your computer.

Customer service
Excellent customer service is one of the factors that will make customers stick with you through thick and thin, and this is one of the significant areas that mixbook.com are concerned about. They do not want you to visit mixbook.com and the next thing you are running away. They have a highly trained customer service team that is always ready to answer your questions at any particular time. Their top-notch editors are friendly, and they take you through the postcards creation process in a friendly way that you will understand quickly.

The editors have thousands of designs and plenty of customization options to help the customers to make unique postcards within a short time.

The Bottom line
With the factors mentioned above, it is clear that you need to visit mixbook.com anytime you need the best photo books to invite guests to your events. Mixbook.com is convenient, easy to use and they have excellent customer service.

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5 Tips to Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

deer in garden

If you’ve set up your garden in deer territory, then you’re aware of the unique challenges that these furry creatures can bring. It’s a real battle that only a determined and wise gardener can win. There’s no denying it: these animals find your vegetables as tasty as you do. Besides, your garden’s roses, daisies, and geraniums are deer’s perfect dessert.

When it comes to keeping deer out of your garden, not every method is effective. Besides, you may need to do a lot of experimentation since every herd of these burgers eats differently. Here are some of the surest methods you can try to keep your garden deer-free.

1. Fence them Off

Fencing off your garden is probably the most effective and obvious way to manage deer. The good news is that you don’t have to use a carpenter to do this. Putting up a few rows of clear fishing wire is enough to keep deer from invading your garden.
Take the perimeter of your garden and string a row of a fishing line starting 2-3 inches from the ground. Repeat this at least three more times, making the rows of the wire about a foot apart. The result is a tall and almost-invisible fence. Since the deer can’t see the fence, they won’t attempt to jump over.

2. Remove Attractions from the Pond

If you have a pond on your garden, deer are going to find it attractive. They love water. They can drink and eat plants that ponds naturally produce. One of the ways to keep deer off is to set up a pond aerator. It not only keeps algae from growing on the water but also enhances your garden’s overall look.

3. Create Some Sounds and Sights

Unexpected sights and sounds can trigger the deer’s main defense against prey. For instance, stringing up CDs around your beautiful garden creates motion that’s strange to deer. Another way is to create a long and wide white flag that resembles deer’s tail. The deer will only see the figure but not an animal. As a result, they’ll spook.
Have you ever tried hanging up aluminum cans or pie tins? It creates unusual sound and visual. However, you’ll have to rotate different methods of spookiness on your garden for them to work. Otherwise, the deer will soon notice it’s just a prank and continue nibbling on your beautiful plants.

4. Plant Aromatic Solutions

Lavenders and marigolds have a strong aroma. Deer do not like the lavender smell since it stays on their legs, making it difficult for them to sense predators and find food within their environment. The astringent odor of marigolds also put off the furry burgers. Consider surrounding your little patch of heaven with a thick layer of these plants.

5. Religiously Use Deer Repellents

More often than not, gardeners say deer deterrents do not work. However, it’s due to human error and not the spray. The ultimate repellent is the one you apply religiously. Never skip an application and you’ll see results.
It’s quite a challenge to keep deer from destroying your most treasured plants. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to stop these burgers in their tracks. If one method doesn’t work, then try combining them.

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Creative Trade Show Ideas

trade show1

With your Tradeshow booth from ExpoMarketing, all you need is an innovative idea to drive the point home. We’ve all been there, racking our brains trying to come up with something unique yet relevant. Giveaways have become so common that they are now mandatory, despite having an appealing booth the competition might still be stiff and in most cases, an excellent presentation is accompanied by creative ideas.

What do you opt for to make your presentation at a tradeshow memorable, or ‘Twitterable?’ ExpoMarketing, the leading trade show booth creator in the United States is here to guide you on some of the freshest, simple ideas you can incorporate to your presentation.

Who is ExpoMarketing?

We’ve all been to tradeshows and seen what sets the top players from the rest, a presentable booth. ExpoMarketing specializes in the creation of unique booths. With lots of bland stalls out there, it’s difficult to draw inspiration from the existing trade show display booths, that’s where ExpoMarketing comes in. How do you make a compelling, on-brand, and engaging booth even better? Where do you draw such motivation from? Before you erect your booth in the next tradeshow or conference, there are some significant changes you can implement to turn the masterpiece into a moneymaker. ExpoMarketing has scoured some of the best and worst expos and come up with the most creative ideas you can incorporate to your presentation.

Add a ‘Living’ Wall

In addition to the customizable booths from ExpoMarketing, you can add a living wall to your presentation. What is a living wall? A living wall can consist of foliage or plants. This is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest. In a jungle of corporate and bland booths, this idea will tip the scale to your favor.
Lure in your Target Audience with Seats

After going around and exploring other booths people in trade shows will appreciate the effort you put in to provide seats in your presentation. Spruce up the chairs with some eye-catching stuff such as elegant furniture or a snack. Give the attendees a break, and it will, in turn, become memorable to your prospective clients.

Element of Repetition

The key is to avoid overdoing it. Although repetition is one of the keys to successful marketing, you need to strike the perfect balance. In trade shows, you can arrange your products in such a way that the customer sees plenty of choices each viable than the last. This can be done by arranging the products on top of each other in a mixed pattern. This encourages browsing, browsing increases exposure, which eventually leads to buying.
Integrating Overhead Hangings
Drawing the attendees’ attention upwards makes the booth seem larger. With the right hanging in place, you can draw the attention of attendees from a distance. Other ideas you can use to increase the exposure of your service or products to the attendees is the use of a closed space. Closed spaces induce curiosity and also cut off distractions from background noise common in trade shows. They also deliver an intimate feeling which could lead up to a better client-company connection.

Why choose ExpoMarketing

Trade show booths are excellent for wrapping up your presentation. Nevertheless, it’s essential to get one from an experienced brand. Time is a crucial factor to consider in any business, renting or purchasing a booth from an experienced brand saves you not only money but also time. Ultimately, you should never feel like you are just getting a booth.

There should be some company-client relationship where they take you through the importance and significance of each feature in the booth. ExpoMarketing has taken the time to nurture a client-brand connection, and the result is successful trade shows. Some companies offering booths for rental limit the features on their booths as opposed to booths being sold, at ExpoMarketing, the same effort is focused for both cases.

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