Entertainment Books For 2014 Are 2 For $10 With FREE Shipping! HURRY! Won’t Last Long!

WOW! Your going to want to hurry to grab this deal! I actually just purchased mine and one for my kids to use as well. There are always so many great coupons to use for local attractions, Restaurants, Sports games and so much more! There are over $300 in coupon savings in these books for most areas! So hurry over to get your Entertainment Books before they are gone! It’s a deal that you won’t want to miss out on!

They make a wonderful gift as well for Birthdays, weddings, or other events that you have coming up. So be sure to look at your calendar to see what gifts that you will be needing and order extra to give as gifts. You will want to be sure to add two books to your cart as it will not automatically add another book. If there is only one in the cart it will not give you the discount.

Free Disney World Maps You Can Customize For Your Trip #DisneyWorld #Disneyvacationplanning

Are you heading to one of the most magical places in the world? If your heading to Walt Disney World, it’s a great idea to customize your map before you go. You can add all your favorite places that you would like to see and map out your time there so you can do and see everything that you would like to while there. You will have a magical time, the family will love knowing everything they are going to see and do before you go as well. It’s so easy to customize your map and the whole family can take part to get them even more excited about their magical adventure. You can get your customized map started by just clicking on the Photo above and it will start you on your magical vacation planning. Be sure to give Mickey a hug for me when you go!

Denim Organizer: Made From Jeans with Holes

I have to say that I just love these, I use them in my van, in my bedroom, over the arms of my couch for the T.v. Remote and other things I want close to me. They work out great, I use different colored Jeans to go with the rooms decor, and add different iron-ons and things to add more color to them. You can get the instructions to make your Jean Organizer here.

How To Make Your Own Laundry Soap

I use this laundry Soap a lot as well as X-tra Laundry Soap, these are the only 2 laundry Soaps that I have found that my youngest Son will not break out from. He was doing pretty good with the Purex but then started to break out from it after I kept using it. He takes after his father with his allergies to laundry soap. I love making my own as I make a 5 gallon Pail that lasts for about 3 months of laundry that was with washing 8 people’s clothing daily at the time. Now it lasts me even longer with it being less people. I like to call my homemade laundry soap my slime! It has that look to it of the slime almost and I have to say that I love that it can keep up with my 5 year old and his stains! I find that if I make it before the kids get up or when they go to bed it’s a lot easier! I don’t have Mom, Mom, MoM, coming at me while I’m trying to measure things out. lol

I know that a lot of people grate the Fels Naptha bars of soap, However, I do not do this, I leave the bar whole. I put it in the water and let it dissolve on the stove. It comes out the same as if you Grate it. I have tried it both ways and just do it the less work way. lol

Here is what You will need:

* 1 box of Arm & Hammer washing soda
* 1 Bar Fels Naptha (Find it in the laundry aisle) Or Any Bar Soap that you normally use for showers works as well.
* 1 Box of Borax

- A five gallon bucket with a lid
- Three gallons of tap water
- A big spoon to stir the mixture with
- A measuring cup

Step 1~ Put 4 Cups of Water into a Pan, with your bar of soap, turn the heat to high and stir as it melts. You will see it turning the water to whatever color your bar of soap is. Let the whole bar of soap melt down and then your going to turn off the heat. You will have a pan full of soapy water.

Step 2~ I put in 3 gallons of Hot Water into my 5 Gallon Bucket. Then I pour in my Hot Soap Water from my pan. I then measure out 1 Cup of Washing Soda and mix it in the bucket with the soapy water till it dissolves. I then add 1/2 Cup of Borax and mix it up again till it dissolves. When this is done and it has all dissolved I put the lid on the soap and let it sit for 24 hours to set. Then I use 1 cup of the laundry soap per load to wash the clothes. I do take a little bit of it on my son’s really stained clothes and rub it in before the stain sets so that it will get out the stains.

ABC Mouse: Free 30 Day Trial To Help With Your Child’s Reading

Is your child having trouble learning to read? Do you want to give your pre-school child a head start on reading? You can get a free 30 Day Trial ABC Mouse. Your child can have fun learning their letters, numbers and learning to read in a fun way. You will receive a 30 day trial of fun for your child. They can play games and not realize they are learning to read. The excitement you see from them while they are learning will be priceless. You can give your child a great head start in learning to read. It’s never to early to give your child a great start to learning. ABC Mouse is great for children ages 2 to 6.

How To Make The Knotted Headband Hairstyle

I wanted to share this great hairstyle with you that would be great for a woman or for a girl. They are very easy to do and you could use it for a daily look or create it into an updo for a special occassion as well. It is just a great look for any age. I thought that many of you would like it as it could be used for all hair lengths as well.

Crochet Sheets Into Rugs

Looking for creative ways to give new life to old sheets and comforters? You can reuse them by Crocheting Sheets Into Rugs. I will be doing this very shortly. I need a new rug so I will be using sheets to create one in all the colors of the room. I love that I can make it any color or colors that I want and it will be recycling and frugal!

RECALLED: Fresh fruit, sold nationwide at Trader Joe’s, Costco and other retailers

 photo freshfruitrecall.jpg

There is a nationwide recall on fresh fruit that is coming from a California-based distributor. Peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots sold at Trader Joe’s and Costco, among other nationwide retailers, are being recalled. You will want to check the fruit that you have purchased, the affected fresh fruit was packed between June 1 and July 12.

“Because we do not know the locations of the companies that purchased the products from our direct customers, the company is issuing a nationwide recall,” Wawona Packing Co. said in a news release July 20.

The packing lines and equipment connected with the possible contamination have been retrofitted, sanitized and retested, the company said. Tests taken daily since the discovery of the bacteria have been negative.

Listeria monocytogenes can cause serious and sometimes deadly infections, especially in young children, elderly people or those with weakened immune systems.

Symptoms include high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Listeria can cause miscarriages and stillbirths in women who are pregnant.

No illnesses yet have been linked to this recall, the company said.

Anyone who bought the fruit should throw it away immediately. Customers can direct their questions to Wawona Packing at 1-888-232-9912.