How to Make a Fleece Tied Blanket ~ No Sew

Since I’m sitting outside getting colder outside soon, it has me thinking about the projects that I need to do for Winter and for Christmas. I love these No Sew Fleece Tied Blanket are great for Movie Nights, When you just want to cuddle up and any other time like when your sick. I love these to give for Christmas gifts everyone always loves them, I just get fleece that is either solid colors or something they are interested in.

Does Your Child Have Problems Writing Due To It’s Painful To Their Hands Or They Can’t Grip A Pencil?

Pencil again

Does your child complain about writing? That it is very painful to their hands? It could be something with their joints or another problem that is just making it very hard for them to do their homework, learn to write, or other writing tasks. My youngest son has Elder’s Danloss, it’s a joint issue that makes it difficult for him to write. His joints actually rub together making it hurt and very hard for him to write. I still of course want him to write but we have found a way to take pressure off his joints so that writing is easier. My son would actually start to cry when he was writing as his joints would hurt so bad. He is more of an extreme case. However, even if your child is having some problems with it hurting when they write, they complain that their fingers are hurting and it’s just very difficult to write for them. Then you may want to try these tips with them to see if it helps to relieve some of the pressure on their fingers and makes writing easier.

I know when my son first started to complain, I thought to myself “Yes, he is just trying to get out of doing the work” because let’s face it sometimes they are just little stinkers and do try that. When he kept complaining not only about his fingers but then started to complain about all his joints, I took him to the specialist and he was diagnosed. However, this is not meaning that your child would have the same thing as my son. It could be that they just need some extra support for their joints while they are writing. We as parents always want our children to excel so giving them the proper tools and support to excel is always important. We found that the Twist N’ write pencil, PenAgain 3 Pack Pens, and using the School Smart Loop Scissors
have really helped with doing many projects for school and at home. They really ease up on the pressure needed to use these writing and cutting for projects and my son really loves them. They have really helped to improve his writing and his homework time has really gone so much easier.

These products are also wonderful to use if your child is in OT, they again really help with any type of special needs the children have from joint pain to Autism. It’s a great way to help your child get off on the right foot with their learning. My son has really improved, he has gone from hating to write to loving to write on his own even when he doesn’t have homework. It’s really a joy to watch him writing and enjoying it, plus they are so easy to use that he doesn’t even think any different about it or that he isn’t using a regular pencil or pen to write with. He just knows he can do what he wants to and be creative with his writing now because of the tools helping his joints. It is always so wonderful to see the smile on his face, his excitement, and his handwriting improving.

Sunny D Free Books For Classrooms: Open for Teachers & Home Schooling Exp: 11/30

I just love that Sunny D offers this program to teachers and home schooling parents to build their libraries. It’s a great way to get free books that are perfect for keeping the children interested in reading. Sunny D Free Books For Classrooms program. You collect 20 Sunny D labels and mail them into the program and they will send you 20 free reading books! It’s very easy to do and they have some great books. If your a parent you can also download the information and give it to the teacher the first day of school so your children can get free books for their classrooms.

5 Great Gifts For Teachers For Under $5 Each

gifts for teachers collage

We are always on the lookout for great gifts that we can make for Teacher’s and others on our gift lists. These 5 Teacher’s gifts would be perfect for the beginning of the school year, Christmas, or any time. They are sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift and your budget will love that they are only $5 or less to make for them. These gifts are easy to make and the kids can help you make them.

You can fill these items with band-aids, candy, lip balm, travel size lotion, school supplies, or other goodies that teacher’s. There are so many cute supplies and different teacher’s aid’s that you can use to fill them with. If you shop at the Dollar Tree, and Dollar General you will find a lot of these great supplies to put in your gift. They are just so cute, your child’s teacher will just love receiving one.

Flower Pens
10 Pens
Floral Tape (Dollar Tree)
Artifical flowers
Glue Gun

The flowers are very easy to make, you will use the supplies listed above. They are so cute when they are finished.

Step 1: Start to wrap the tape at the bottom of the pen, wrap it around 2 times, and start to wrap up to the middle of the pen.

Step 2: Cut the flower stem to the size of where you stopped the tape and to the top of the pen.

Step 3: Finish wrapping it tightly to the top of the pen, then when you reach the top of the pen use a dab of hot glue to hold it closed and your pen flower is complete

I found the jar and the planter bucket with the lady bug and flowers for $1 at Dollar tree as well and purchased a movie size Starburst to fill them with to hold the flower pens upright. The whole project for those cost $5.

The 2 Drawer containers: I purchased at the Dollar Tree as well for $1 each. I then filled them with a mixed candy from Dollar Tree for $1 and I found some great deals on back to school supplies so the high lighters were only $.19 each, the pencil erasers were $.25 each package, Glue sticks were $.10 each, band-aids were $1 so the gift cost under $5

The Flower container:: I purchased at Dollar General for $2 and I used a Dry Erase marker from Dollar Tree for $1, Starburst Candy $1 at Dollar Tree and high lighters were only $.19 each, the pencil erasers were $.25 each package, Glue sticks were $.10 each so they make an adorable gift and will fit nicely into her desk or she can use it for Make-up as well if she would like.

How To Chalk Paint, My Chalk Paint Spice Shelf

chalk painted spice rack

I found this shelf and I have been wanting a new spice rack but I wanted it to match my kitchen. So I found this shelf that is sturdy and would hold a number of spices for me. I have a TON of spices that I am always using. I have a couple of shelves in a cabinet but I need a place for the over flow of spices. I found a shelf that I could hang on the wall or put on my counter depending on where I wanted it and since I am constantly changing things it would be able to be used in several areas easily.

spice shelf before painting

This is what my spice shelf looked like before I chalk painted it. I have it ready to be painted on my plastic drop cloth so that I won’t get paint all over. It’s always a good ideas to use a drop cloth to keep your paint contained.

Chalk paint mixture

I made my own chalk paint instead of purchasing it at the store. I purchased a pint of Latex paint, Plaster Of Paris and added water to the Plaster Of Paris to thicken the paint. The recipe is below:

2 cups of Latex Paint
5 teaspoons of Plaster of Paris
and 4 teaspoons of Water

I used throw away plastic bowls to mix my plaster of Paris and water in and for the paint to go into to mix them. It gets hard so I wanted something I could throw away and not have to try to clean up after words.

Add the 2 cups of Paint to the first bowl. Then add your Plaster of Paris and water to the 2nd bowl and stir till it’s completely mixed. Once it’s mixed add it to your Latex paint and mix it together. If you would like your paint to be thicker you can add a little more Plaster of Paris to your bowl before mixing it with paint. Then mix it together with the paint. You want to do this in small amounts as your paint will start to get hard after a little while due to the Plaster Of Paris.

Spice shelf first coat

This is my 2nd coat of paint on this shelf. Now had I wanted to distress this shelf, I would paint the first court with the color that I want to show through. Then once it was dry, I would apply Vaseline over the top of the paint that just dried so that I could easily wipe away the next layer of paint that I applied. So I wanted to add this part in so that if you want to distress the piece that your painting you could do so. I wanted my piece to be all one color to match my kitchen without having the distress.

I applied 3 coats of paint to the shelf in total to get it to the color and look that I wanted. You can always play with your piece to find the way you want it to look. If you want the distress look, then I suggest a Black or White Latex paint be used to apply the first coat, you can use any color that you want but the white or black will give it more of an aged look. You will want to make sure that the paint is completely dried before applying the next coat of paint.

There are so many different projects that you can make or redo with the chalk paint. It’s a great way to bring new life to an older piece of furniture that you love or to redo a piece that you find and want to use in your home. I love that you do not have to sand or remove the finish before starting your project! You just start to redo it, and let your creativity go while redoing your piece.

Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser $6.48 With Free Shipping! Great Gag Gift!

nose shower dispenser

This Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser has always made a great gag gift! You have to love the price as well for only $6.95 with free shipping.


A funny nose shaped shower gel dispenser.
Refilling can be easily done by unscrewing the cap at the back
Just squeeze the nose, and gel will ooze out from the right nostril
It is easy to attach on tiles with three suction cups at the back.

*HOT* Unusual Freshwater Pearl Set, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings $29.97 Save $129.99!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this beautiful Unusual Freshwater Pearl Set, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! I really love the design of the set. All purchases from SuperJeweler come with The SuperJeweler Lifetime Guarantee. Your SuperJeweler jewelry purchase includes a lifetime guarantee against the loss of side stones or damage to the jewelry’s setting or center stone. It also includes a one-year replacement guarantee against the loss of your jewelry’s center stone.

Vintage Retro Art Deco Owl Head Charm Stud Earrings + Classical Style Crystal Diamond Owl Design Necklace/Sweater Chain $.88 With Free Shipping

owl charm and earrings

You can get a great deal on this perfect Christmas gift for an office exchange, your friends or family, or for yourself. You can purchase this Vintage Retro Art Deco Owl Head Charm Stud Earrings + Classical Style Crystal Diamond Owl Design Necklace/Sweater Chain and you can beat the price for only $.88 with free shipping.

2 Pcs Hair Braid Ponytail Maker Styling Tool $.66 With Free Shipping

Pony tail maker

I just love these! You can make some great hair styles with these 2 Pcs Hair Braid Ponytail Maker Styling Tool. I use them myself as do my daughter’s, they are so easy to use for anyone and there are so many hair styles you can make with them. They are easy for dad’s to use as well to give their daughter’s cute hairstyles for school or special occasions. Not that they need help doing their daughter’s hair but they would be easy for them to use.