Early Christmas Giveaway Exp: 9/28

It’s a great time to start getting those holiday gifts and shopping done, however, it’s even better if you can win them! We have an amazing giveaway that will get you ready for the holidays, and have those on your Christmas list excited about the gifts your giving them as well.

Welcome to the Early Christmas Giveaway Event!  This event is hosted by Dixieland Reviews and Co-Hosted by the amazing bloggers at Mom ‘N Daughter Savings and Mom to Grandma!


This event is a little different from those you are used to! You will find the Giveaway Tool for the items you are interested in winning, and do only the tasks on that particular tool.  So if you only want the chance to win gifts for Teens, you click on the link below that will take you to that Giveaway tool and enter on that one. You can enter as many or as few of the different giveaways as you want.

You must be 18+ or older and a resident of the US or Canada to enter.  Winners will be notified via email so make sure marie@dixielandsdeals.com is on your email safe list so you don’t miss the email since you only have 24 hours to respond before you forfeit the prize and a new winner is chosen. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook or any other social media.  Participating bloggers are not responsible for shipment of prizes.

Click the link below for the category of gifts you would like the chance to win: (Please note: the Adults 18+ is located right here on this page so just scroll on down to enter.)

Infants-0-18 months- Choose from 4 Prize Packages

Toddlers 18 months-4 years Choose from 3 Prize Packages

Children 5-8 years Choose from 2 Prize Packages

Children 9-11 years Choose from 2 Prize Packages

Tweens- 11-13 Choose from 2 Prize Packages

Teens-13-18 Choose from 2 Prize Packages

Each category page will list the prize packages you will have to choose from.

Gifts for Adults 18+

Winner gets to choose between a $250 Home Depot Gift Card or a $250 Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Card!! 

Entry is simple, just follow the instructions on the Giveaway Tool below! Please Note: ONLY the first task is required, all other tasks are optional, BUT they will give you extra entries for more chances to win! 

Earn Money While Your Running Errands

 photo womanshopping.jpg

Have you ever wished you could make extra money while running errands??? Your out and about so why shouldn’t you get paid for doing easy tasks while your out??? You could start to make some extra Christmas money or extra income by just taking a few quick photos! It’s so easy to do and if your going to be in the area why not make some extra cash while your getting your errands done!

EasyShift is an app that you can use to make extra income. You can earn $2 to $20 by taking a photo of a store display, verifying how much a product costs in a store, or other easy tasks and earn extra income for just taking a photo or another easy task. They are quick and easy and there are always new tasks being added, I’m sure as the holidays become closer, they will be adding even more.

If your out shopping already just choose the tasks you want to complete with the stores your visiting and make some extra cash while shopping. It doesn’t get any easier and your already going to be there so there is no extra

Gamer Giveaway~ Win A PS4 Game System & 3 Games Exp: 9/20

Eek! School has started back up and now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas because there is a limited time before it will be here! So I am so excited to bring you this AWESOME Gamer Giveaway that would make an amazing Christmas gift!

Welcome to our Gamer Giveaway!! This event is hosted by Dixieland Mom Product & Travel Reviews and Co-Hosted by Giveaway Bandit.  Our sponsor for this event is Our World Travel.

This event it open to residents of the US and Canada, void where prohibited by law.  This event will begin September 1st at 11:59 pm and end on September 21st at 11:59 pm. All times are Eastern Standard Time. This event is not associated with Facebook or any other social media. Sponsor will be shipping prize to winner. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond, if no response is received within that time frame, winner will forfeit the prize & a new winner will be chosen.  We are not responsible for incorrect email addresses or for the notification being routed to your spam folder.  Winners will be announced on our Winners Page.

Entry is simple. There is only one (1) required entry and that is the very first one on the Giveaway Tool. All other entries are optional, but for each one you complete, you will get extra entries. Winner will receive three (3) games of his/her choice and a PS4 Game System.  Total approximate retail value is $480.

WOW! Over $45 In Toy Coupons HOT coupons for the Holidays!

offer_id=118&aff_id=1077&url_id=103&aff_sub5=MTg0NDgwMzE=&affsrc=1&aff_sub4=image” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” title=”$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Laptop”>$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Laptop

WOOT! The toy coupons are starting to come out for the holidays, it’s going to be some great money savings for your budget. It’s a great time to start thinking ahead to the holidays and getting all those great gifts ready as Christmas will be here before we know it. I have complied a list of several great coupons for all ages.

You will be able to print 2 of each coupon to use on these deals. I love this time of year and the savings that go along with it! Don’t wait as toy coupons always print out quickly so get that printer warmed up and ready to help you save. Don’t forget a lot of the stores price match so it’s a great time to look at the fliers and if the store you find the deal at is sold out, don’t worry you can use it at Wal-mart or other stores to get the same deal and where they will have it in stock.

Just click on the coupon picture that you would like to use and it will take you right to the coupon to print.

$5.00 off any one MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES toy
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Chair
$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Laptop
$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Vacuum
$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Mower
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn Stages™ Crawl Around™ Car
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn Puppy's Smart Stages Train
$5.00 off any one MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES toy
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Chair
$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Laptop
$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Vacuum
$3.00 off Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™ Mower
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn Stages™ Crawl Around™ Car
$5.00 off Laugh & Learn Puppy's Smart Stages Train
$5.00 off (1) Playskool Sesame Street Elmo
Buy One (1) LITTLEST PET SHOP Toy, get 1 Free
$3.00 off any Littlest Pet Shop Scene Style Set
$5.00 off one (1) PLAY-DOH Launch Game
$5.00 off one (1) NERF BOW or RAPID RED blaster
$1.00 off any (1) one PLAY-DOH Compound

Ebates: Get Money Back For All Your Online Store Purchases! Great For Halloween And Christmas Shopping!

Halloween is coming and it’s a great time to snag all those costumes that your children or you want. Then sneaking up right behind it is Christmas, St. Nick will be here in only 100 days! So it’s a great time to get a head start on your shopping for both and earn cash back for all your shopping!

Ebates can help with all your holiday shopping. You can find your halloween costumers at Halloween Express, Wholesale Halloween Costume, or other great stores and you can receive up to 6% cash back on your purchases. Ebates also offers your favorite stores to shop at as well, Target, Wal-mart, Victoria Secret, Bass Pro Shop, and so many other great stores and earn up to 37% cash back on your purchases.

When you sign up for Ebates, you will also receive a FREE $10 gift card from Macy’s, Target, Wal-mart, or other fabulous stores once you have made a $25 purchase. Just another great perk that Ebates offers to their customers for using their service to save even more money! So cash back and a free gift card as well! Things are looking up for the holidays! Get your savings going and start earning your cash back on holiday needs, coats for the whole family, and other things that you need to purchase.

Chain O’ Lakes State Park Riding Stable In Spring Grove, IL Review

 photo RamboandIriding.jpg

I had decided that I needed a little “Me” time yesterday from being just a “tad”, okay “beyond” stressed out. My schedule has been completely insane for I would say since January. I just keep having more added to it and I was just at a point where, I needed to get away from everyone and everything! I was thinking a little retail therapy might be what the Dr. ordered but the items that I was looking for the store was out of. I was not in the mood to go from store to store looking, since that would just add more stress. Not the retail therapy I was looking for!

 photo stacyandIridingramboandbear.jpg

I had Stacy from A Mom’s Revelation with me. So we decided that since we couldn’t get some retail therapy in, I decided were going to get some riding therapy in! We headed over to Chain O’ Lakes State Park Riding Stable in Spring Grove, Illinois. I didn’t tell Stacy where we were going, I just gave her directions as she was driving. She was up for anything that would destress us! So when we entered the park, we received directions to the stables. Stacy looked at me like I had lost my mind! lol She stated she hadn’t been on a horse in years. I told her it’s just like riding a bike, you will remember once your on the horse, and away we went.

We arrived at the stable, signed our lives away on the paper work so we could go trail riding for an hour, and we hopped onto our horses. I had a beautiful horse named Rambo, and Stacy had a equally beautiful horse named Bear. We were ready to start our adventure with our guide and the owner of the stables Jo. We were off to the trails, and we noticed that we had a follower, Charlie a little Dachshund, that was as cute as could be decided to tag along. However, he couldn’t make the hour trip with his little legs, but he was willing to try it. lol So Jo called Kasey to come pick him up, while we waited for Kasey, we saw some Wild Turkeys just walking around like they owned the woods. Of course every time I tried to get a photo they would hide, I think they were a little camera shy. Kasey made it to pick up Charlie within a few minutes and we were on our way down the trails again. The views were really beautiful on the trail and we were keeping an eye out for more wildlife as well.

 photo RamboandIriding.jpg

Jo was a great guide and Bear and Rambo followed along, most of the time I was getting some great shots of the ride. Yes, I am that talented to ride Rambo and get some great photo’s while we rode along. lol Okay, yes, I even amazed myself that the photos came out really good even while trotting along! We saw some deer playing, they just watched us until I lifted the camera then they became leary. So we just watched them playing so that we wouldn’t scare them. I wish I would have been able to get a clear photo of them. As we went along the trail, I could just feel the stress leaving my shoulders, my back, and the headache that I had for the past four days was just about a distant memory. We all laughed and talked along the trail, and it was just like we had known each other for years. We were having an amazing time, and there was no lapse of views to soak in.

It was just so relaxing and we had a great time together! We will definately be heading back to Chain O’ Lakes State Park Riding Stable again! It was very reasonable as well, only $35 for an hour ride! They do offer different packages for you to choose from, as well as Carriage Rides, they also offer group rates, and birthday party packages. It’s a great way to get the family together and have some fun, mom’s to destress, or for a great date. Now, if your going to surprise someone with going there for a ride like I did, be sure to tell them how to dress! Jo was telling us a story about a woman who brought her sisters there for a suprise and one of the sisters was wearing white pants and the other a skirt, just not ideal for horse back riding. lol So you can surprise them but be mice enough to say you may want to wear Jeans, close toed shoes, and comfy wear, so your not in the dog house. lol

The Chain O’ Lakes State Park also offers camping, cabins, boat rental, archery, and so much more. So you could make a stay out of your destressing and relaxing as well. Then head over for a ride, go fishing, and get the full relaxing treatment, there is nothing like just relaxing in the outdoors! Our families will be going to stay there again before winter comes if it stays nice enough or it will be on our bucket list for next summer! Happy trails to you Chain O’ Lakes State Park Riding Stable until we meet again. Thank you to Kasey and Jo for helping us destress while we were there as well.

Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter Review

 photo electronicWineopener.jpg

I received the Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter for reveiw. I was excited as there will be several holidays coming up and we serve a lot of wine on the holidays so I couldn’t wait to see how the electric wine bottle opener worked.

I used it first to open a bottle of my friends favorite wine while she was over at my house. We were relaxing and thought that it would be a great time to try the Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter, while entertaining. I loved that I could open the bottle of wine quickly and easily with just one hand! It was one push of a button and the cork was removed from the bottle. There was no fighting with the old fashioned cork screws, twisting, pushing and pulling. It was one push and she was enjoying wine, it doesn’t get any easier then that! Your able to open up to 80 bottles of wine with the opener, which is great for holiday events, parties, and you won’t be stuck opening bottles of wine for your guests while everyone else is having a great time. It will take a minute and you can return to your guests.

I think it’s the perfect gift for wine lovers as well! They will love receiving the Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter for their birthday, christmas or other events. It’s a very sleek looking machine, so it would be perfect anywhere in their home, on their bar, kitchen counter, or anywhere else they will like to display it. You will love it for your home as well so be sure to grab yourself one as well.

Gree Recalls 13 Brands of Dehumidifiers Due to Serious Fire and Burn Hazards

 photo dehumidifier.jpg

You will want to check your dehumidifier if you have one in your home, this recall went out a year ago but people are still using them and there have been many fires due to people not being aware of the recall. Please be sure to check to see if you have one of these dehumidifiers in your home if you do please remove it as they could be a serious fire hazard for your family.

The Gree Dehumidifers come in several models and brand names that have been recalled. You can also check to see if your model of dehumidifer is on the recall list on their site that is shown above to know if yours has been one of the recalls. It’s very important to you and your family to remove this product if it is on the recall list from plugs and call the 1-800 number on their website to see how you should remove the product or if you have any questions about the product.

On September 12, 2013, Gree, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, announced a recall on dehumidifiers manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances of China and were sold from January 2005 through August 2013. The dehumidifiers can overheat, smoke and catch fire, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers.

This recall involves select 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 65 and 70-pint dehumidifiers with brand names Danby, De’Longhi, Fedders, Fellini, Frigidaire, GE, Gree, Kenmore, Norpole, Premiere, Seabreeze, SoleusAir and SuperClima. Recalled model numbers and date codes can be located below. The brand name and the pint capacity are printed on the front of the dehumidifier. The model number and date code are printed on a sticker on the back, front or side of the unit. The dehumidifiers are white, beige, gray or black plastic and measure between 19 and 24 inches tall, 13 and 15 inches wide, and 9 and 11 inches deep.

Consumers should immediately turn off and unplug the dehumidifiers and register their information below or contact Gree to receive a refund.

To determine if your dehumidifier is affected by this recall:

1. Locate the name plate sticker on your dehumidifier (it is on the back, side, or front of the unit).

2. Some of the recall dehumidifiers are listed below:
Danby/Premiere Gree
De’Longhi/SuperClima Kenmore
Fedders Norpole
Fellini Seabreeze
Frigidaire SoleusAir

$10 In Coupons For Super Marvel Toys

$5.00 off (1) MARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES toy$5.00 off Captain America shield or helmet

It’s that time again to start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already started. I have found two great coupons for $5 off each toy that will give you some great savings. These coupons never last long so you will want to grab them while you can! Your able to print 2 of each coupon for extra savings on your gifts for the holidays. So the Super Marvel fan in your life is going to be so excited about their gift and your going to love the savings.

You can compare prices at your local stores to see where you will get the best savings with your coupons. I also suggest checking Targets coupons on their site to see if you can double up on your coupon savings if they offer a coupon on their site for the same product. Be sure to check and see if it’s a Target coupon and not the same coupon you just printed. Then you can stack the coupons to save even more on your purchases. It’s a great time to start the savings and keep them going through the holidays.

You can print the $5.00 off Captain America shield or helmet or the $5.00/1 Marvel Super Hero Adventure toy for some great savings on your child’s favorite toys! There are so many little boys that are Marvel Super Hero fans so if your not sure what to get a little boy on your Christmas shopping list, they will be thrilled with one of these great toys.