WORX Switchdriver Review & Hammer Photo Frame Project

Worx screwdriver6

I received the WORX Switchdriver and I was thinking of all the projects that I could make with it. So I was thinking about what project I wanted to make for Father’s Day. I decided on making a Hammer Photo Frame for my dad from my children. My dad loves being a grandpa and he is so great with my kids and my daughter’s kids as well. So I was excited to get started.

I took the WORX Switchdriver out of the box, charged up the battery as it’s cordless. Then I got started with my project at hand. My son’s were right there with me as they wanted to watch me make the project and help. I was really impressed with the Worx Switchdriver, it was light weight, easy to use, and had plenty of power to drill through the handle of the hammer with ease. I loved how easy it was to change the setting of the drill as well. I just turned a little notch and it made it so easy to use and know which setting it was on. The numbers on the notch were very easy to read on the notch as well. I also found it was very easy to place the drill bit into the drill and use as well as remove it.

I suggest that you use the Worx Switchdriver for all your projects around the house and that you would like to make. I have so many projects that I can’t wait to get to with my Worx Switchdriver. It comes with two drill bits and a phillips screwdriver head as well. So you can do plenty of projects around the house with it. The Worx Switchdriver also offers 15 + 1 position clutch allows precise torque management, Variable 2-speed design covers a wide range of drilling and fastening applications, Extremely compact and lightweight for fatigue-free work, and Powerful and lightweight MaxLithium battery. Don’t forget to take the #DadItYourself quiz.

Let’s get to our great Hammer Photo Frame project. It’s going to be a hit with any man on your gift giving list.

Worx screwdriver1


* 16 oz Hammer
* 5X7 Wood Picture Frame
* (2) 18″ Necklace Chains (Walmart in Jewelry craft section)
* 2 Cup Hooks
* 2 Sawtooth photo Hangers
* Black letter Stickers

WorX screwdriver2

Step 1: Drill 2 Holes in your hammer about 5 1/2 inches apart

Step 2: Add your Sawtooth Photo hangers on the backside of your hammer

Worx screwdriver4

Step 3: Take your two 18″ Necklace Chains and remove the clasp and one of the round connectors do it on the same side as the clasp. Now put the chain through the hole and slide it through the connector on the necklace. Then put them both on the hammer.

Worx screwdriver5

Step 4: Place your cup hooks into your wood photo frame. Do not use a photo frame that is pressed wood it will crack. I placed mine about 1″ in from the corners on my 5X7 frame. You will want to place the hooks to the back of the frame.

Worx screwdriver6

Step 5: Now place your hooks from your frame onto the necklaces. Keep the connector up at the top of the hammer. You can now add your photo and hang it on the wall or give it as a gift. Is it me or is it just adorable! It’s also the perfect gift for the man who has everything!

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Open Letter To Dan Turner Father Of Brock Turner #BrockTurner #DanTurner #JudgeAaronPersky


I have been following the story of Brock Turner, who raped an unconscious woman. He was stopped by two gentleman that were in the right place at the right time. Thank god for these two men who held your son till the authorities could arrive. You can read more about the story Here if you are not aware of it already.

I’m the mom of 4 wonderful children, 2 girls and 2 boys, who I love dearly. So I can understand Dan Turner’s love for his son. I can understand wanting to protect our children, I have done it on a number of occasions as a parent. Wanting to take our children’s pain away is always something we want to do as a parent. I understand all these qualities and more as a parent that we all try to do for our children.

However, as I have stated, I am the mother of 4 children. If god forbid this happened to one of my daughters or one of my son’s raped a woman. Yes, that is what your son did, he did not give her the chance to say Yes or no to sex. I would not request no jail time for my child. I would not try to protect them for as you stated “20 minutes of action”. He made the choice and it was the wrong choice. There may have been a party involved with this instance and they both made a bad choice as to drink more then they should have. However, he knew what he was doing and has altered this woman’s life forever with just “20 minutes of action”. Let’s call it what it was it was NOT “20 minutes of action” it was 20 minutes of your son raping this woman.

Your son took away her dignity, her ability to feel safe, he violated her body, and more with his actions. Your worried only about what this has done or is doing to your son’s future, that he will have to be registered as a sex offender as well he should be. That he will now only be able to work at certain places and what it has done to his future. What about her future, what about the huge impact it has created for this woman? What if this was your wife, your daughter, your sister, or someone else that is very close to you. You would want the most extreme penalty available but your crying about your son having jail time. The fact that he only received a six month jail term is appalling to say the least. Your son made all the choices that night, he chose to drink that night, he chose to rape this woman, he chose his future when he took these actions.

We wonder where all the entitlement comes from today, your a prime example. Brock made his choices and should do the time and not just 6 months, which I hope is over turned and he gets the penalty that he truly deserves. If you wife, sister, mother or other family member was raped would you think that 6 months jail time was justice? You would be just livid with this ruling and so many that have been following this story have been outraged that Judge Aaron Persky would give this ruling. Now your requesting that no jail time be served for your son. I can not even begin to fathom where you realistically believe this is going to happen. Your son, You and the Judge have just victimized this poor woman again. In what fairy tale world does this seem realistic to you? Your son should be serving years in prison with a punishment that is fitting his crime. This victim deserves justice, your son turned her world upside down, HER life will never be the same. How will she trust? I’m sorry but just because your son’s hobby of swimming on a team doesn’t amount to the nightmare he caused this woman, his past does not make up for what he has done. What about other woman? How do they know they will be safe with men like your son in society.

Let me be the first to say that I will move heaven and earth for my children. However, I also have the understanding that if my child breaks the laws then they will have to pay the price. They made the choice to do a crime and it is not my job as their parent to try to bail them out in something as serious as this case. Would it break my heart and be hard to sit there while my child is on trial and in prison? More then I ever care to imagine! However, I brought them up to know right from wrong, they will make mistakes, I expect a fender bender, I expect them to make wrong choices or take wrong roads. I however, could not and will not make excuses in the case of a rape or any other serious crimes. They knew what could happen, they knew they would have to pay for their crime and decided to go and do it anyways. Call me a harsh parent, say I’m heartless, but I have raised my children to know there are consequences for every action that they take. Don’t do the crime if you do not want to do the time!

You really need to pop whatever fantasy bubble your living in and come to the reality of your son raped this woman. It was not “20 minutes of action”, he made his choices. Pull up your big boy pants and make him accountable for his actions. It does not matter one bit what he has done in the past, it matters what he did on January 17th and January 18th! It matters how he made his victim feel, that she will never feel safe again. Make your son accountable for his actions, is it going to change his life? Yes, but he didn’t worry about that for one second when he raped her, he wasn’t thinking about her at all or how it would affect her so he will get no sympathy from society. Have you even read how the victim feels after your son raped her? If not you should read them Here

Brock is not entitled to anything more then what he deserves and 6 months is not any where near a sentence that he should have received. It’s not even 1 month each for every minute she had to endure his “actions”. Brock should receive a lot more of a punishment then he did from Judge Aaron Persky. It is sad that you believe that your son should not serve any time in jail. Come to the realization that he will have to serve his time just like any other person who commits rape. This is not one of those times where we as parents are to protect our child, he is an adult and made his choices.

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Flower Pot Candy Dish #MothersDay #TeacherAppreciation

Jr's teacher appreciation gifts1

These adorable Flower Pot Candy Dishes will make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, a great gift for any occasion. They are easy to make but are just to adorable! My son made these for his teacher’s for Teacher Appreciation Day, and they just loved them.


* Glass Bowl from Dollar Tree (Found by the vases) make sure there is no decorative rim
* Flower Pot 6 inch pot
* 4 inch bottom
* Small Bottle Of Acrylic Paints in colors you want to use (Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels)
* E6000 Glue
* Paint Brush
* Stencil for letters
* Pen
* Clear Contact Paper
* Wooden handle (Small)
* Candy


Step 1: Paint the Pots in the colors you would like them to be. You will want to put 2 coats of paint on them. You will paint the wooden handle at this time as well.

Step 2: Use the stencil to make the letters of the saying you want on the pots. You will want to write the letters on the paper side of the contact paper. The letters will need to be written backwards on the contact paper.

Step 3: Cut out the letters making sure to save the centers of the letters to use on the Pots. You will throw away the actual letters or you can use them on a different project. Place the outline of the letters on your pot. Push all the contact paper down so that it adheres to the pot so your paint will not run

Step 4: Add the centers of the letters to the outlines where they belong and again make sure that they adhere to the pot

Step 5: Paint the letters in the color or colors you would like them to be and let them dry

Step 6: Once the letters are dry peel away the contact paper gently and remove the centers gently

Step 7: Glue the glass bowl to the flower pot and place the candy in the pot so that it will give it some added pressure to hold down the bowl while it dries over night.

Step 8: Glue the wooden handle onto the bottom of the flower pot tray and you can also use scotch tape to hold it in place to add a little more pressure onto the handle so that it dries and holds.

Your candy dish is now complete as soon as the glue is dry. You do want to make sure that you allow it to dry for the 24 hours anything less and your candy jar may fall apart. It’s an easy but beautiful project. As I stated my son made the ones pictured above so even children can make them with some help with the contact paper. Happy Crafting!

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DIY Family Photos And Saying Canvas #DIY #MothersDay #HandmadeGift #Canvas #Photos #Gift

I wanted to share this easy to make Family Photos and saying canvas that looks great on your wall or makes a great gift! They are easy to put together and you will just love them when they are done. I chose to make a completely black and white canvas for this project. However, you can print out colored pictures and use any color to paint the canvas.

Materials needed:
11 X 14 Canvas or any size you want
Acrylic paint
Printed photos either Black and white or color from regular or inkjet printer
Modge Podge
Foam brushes (They have a brush handle with foam on the end)
Letter stickers or vinyl cut saying that you want on your canvas

dads canvas7resized1

You will start with your blank canvas and then paint it the color of your choice. Now, if your doing the black and white photos, the black painted canvas comes out very pretty, of course the choice in colors is yours.

dads canvas6resized1

Once you have painted your canvas, you will let it completely dry and touch up any spots that need it.

You will now add any saying that you would like on your canvas, I made this one for my father so the saying is perfect for him. You can use a ruler to make sure your words are lined up and you can place them correctly. You will also want to make sure that their is enough room on the sides of the saying to add your photos as well.

dads canvas2resized1

You will line up the photos where you would like them to go on your canvas. Make sure you check to see that all photos are lined up with the edge of the canvas so you get the correct view and that the sizes of the photos are the way you want them. Once you have them all lined up the way you would like them then you can move onto your next step. You will want then put a thin coat of Modge Podge and then place your photo on the modge podge photo side up.

dads canvas4resized1

Now that you have all of your photos modge podged down on your canvas and let them dry for at least an hour. You will now put a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top of the photos. Then let it dry completely. Your photos are now perfect and your DIY canvas is complete.

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GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower Review


I received the GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower to review. Now, anyone who knows me also knows that I love new “toys” that could make my life easier with any chores that I have around the house. So I couldn’t wait to see how the GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower would work. I loved the compact design when I saw it on the box. So I could hardly wait for our snow and rain to go away so I could review it. I charged it up and waited for the weather to get better so I could test it.

We got a perfect day to test the GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower. The sun was shining for the first time other wise we have had snow or rain. It’s still 47 degrees outside but I actually like doing spring clean up when it’s a little chilly outside rather then in the heat. So I’m ready to test the leaf blower! I have it in my hand and it’s really light and I can hold it with just one hand and love that it’s not heavy. Now I should tell you that we have no trees in our yard BUT our neighbors have plenty. So I still have a lot of leaves to blow, so I got started with all the spring clean up.

I pushed on the trigger and started to blow the leaves. It had good power and blew them really nicely into a pile for me. I did our small side in no time, and then just had the kids pick up the piles and put it into the bag with me. I had no problem using the GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower and I let my 9 year old use it as well with me standing next to him. He used it with no problems as well. He could use it due to the light weight, easy to use trigger and he thought he was going to take over the leaf blower. He didn’t win! I took it back so that I could finish the yard but I did want to see how easy it was for him to use. So even your kids can help you with yard clean up and it’s going to be fun for them as well. I was having so much fun with the leaf blower that I did our elderly neighbors yard as well and my son’s helped me.

The GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower is easy enough for anyone to use in the family. Spring and Fall clean up would be so much easier with the cordless leaf blower. I do suggest the GreenWorks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower not only because it was fun to use but it’s light weight, great design, and easy to use as well. It would also make a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift! Don’t forget both are coming up very shortly!

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Tani Dusty Rose SilkCut Panties and Camisole Review #MothersDay

Tani under garments2

Tani offers a selection of women’s as well as Mens under garments. Tani also offers a great selection of lounge wear, leggings, lounge pants, and other comfortable wear for you both.

Tani under garments1

Mother’s Day is coming and we are always looking for the perfect gift for our Mom’s. Tani’s Dusty Rose SilkCut Collection would make a perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day. She will love the silky feeling as well as the way that their clothing moves with you and doesn’t constrict you in any way. It’s perfect for those mom’s on the go, they will keep up with them and keep them comfortable all day long. The designs of the panties are made for comfort, they have several styles available so mom can have her favorite style.

The silky feeling will make her feel sexy as well as comfortable. Your mom will love receiving Tani as well as wearing them. The Dusty Rose color collection is going to be a huge favorite with your mom, it’s delicate color, silky feeling and can keep up with mom making Tani a triple threat this Mother’s Day. The Dusty Rose collection is like bringing a beautiful flower to your wardrobe but still very functional. I just loved the way they feel and when I’m chasing my kids and grandkids it’s in full comfort. I can go with my hectic lifestyle and have nothing that I have to worry about. I just love the silky fabric and the way it feels when I’m wearing it. They are honestly the softest and most comfortable panties and camisole I have ever owned. Mom is just going to love everything about Tani.

I’m also in love with the leggings and how comfortable they are. You can make a crazy busy day still comfortable. The kids are always on the go and so mom has to be ready for anything! Tani’s leggings are going to hold up to the test of comfort and the mom on the go. You will be able to keep up with your children while having a fun adventurous day with them. Tani makes clothing that is made for comfort while not holding back on style.

Tani under garments

If you want to feel like your wearing nothing at all while being comfy then Tani is for you. Tani takes luxury to a whole new level with their rich silky fabrics that are made with Europe’s most sophisticated fine-gauge knitting machines to produce this extraordinary fabric. Knit in Europe with the brilliant fabric Micro Modal® Air, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk. And Tani is the first and only underwear brand to use this innovative fabric. Despite it’s remarkable soft feel, the SilkCut collection stretches and recovers as it lightly forms and shapes to your body in a level of comfort and style you will definitely get used to.

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How to Talk With Your Teen about Dating Violence


Teen dating violence is not one of the topics that a lot of parents think to cover with their child. You cover stranger Danger, drugs, STD’s, having “the talk” about sex, and other topics that they need to be aware of. However, this is now more then ever a talk that you need to have with your teen. One in three teens are subjected to dating violence but are not making you aware that it’s going on. They believe that it will stop or it’s their fault it’s happening.

If you have a teen it’s time to have a talk with them about dating violence. You want to make sure that they are aware it does happen and what to do if they experience dating violence. You want to open that communication with your teen so they feel comfortable to come to you and discuss it if they are a victim of dating violence.

“I knew to talk with Jen about alcohol, drugs, sex and all those other parenting talks, but I never knew I had to teach her about dating violence,” said Drew Crecente, whose 18-year-old daughter was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. “I did not realize that it was such a pervasive issue at such a young age.”

In fact, 81 percent of parents either do not believe that TDV is a problem – or do not know if it is a problem or not.

In an effort to combat this epidemic, Crecente founded Jennifer Ann’s Group to increase awareness about teen dating violence, as well as provide educational information to help teens, tweens, and young adults identify and avoid abusive relationships through free educational video games.

“Parents have a largely underrated influence in preventing TDV, and it begins with a sit-down conversation, but knowing what to say and how to say it is also important,” says Crecente.

1.Encourage open, honest, and thoughtful reflection. Talk openly with your teen about healthy relationships. Allow them to articulate his or her values and expectations for healthy relationships. Rather than dismissing ideas as wrong, encourage debate, which helps young people come to his or her own understanding.

2.Be sensitive and firm. Parenting a teen is not an easy task, especially when it comes to helping him or her navigate their way through relationships. To be effective, you will need to find the balance between being sensitive and firm. Try to adapt to the changes faced by your child. Be willing to talk openly and respect differences of opinion. Realize that the decisions you make will sometimes be unpopular with your teen – that’s okay.

3.Understand teen development. Adolescence is all about experimentation. From mood swings to risk taking, “normal teenage behavior” can appear anything-but-normal. New research, however, reveals that brain development during these formative years play a significant role in young teen’s personality and actions. Knowing what’s “normal” is critical to helping you better understand and guide young people.

4.Understand the pressure and the risk teen’s face. Preteens and young teens face new and increasing pressures about sex, substance abuse and dating. Time and time again, young teens express their desire to have parents/role models take the time to listen to them and help them think through the situations they face – be that person!

5.Take a clear stand. Make sure young teen knows how you feel about disrespect, use of abusive or inappropriate language, controlling behavior or any forms of violence.

6.Make the most of “teachable moments”. Use video games, TV episodes, movies, music lyrics, news, community events or the experiences of friends to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships.

7.Discuss how to be an ‘upstander’. Teach teens how to stand-up for friends when he or she observes unhealthy treatment of his or her peers.

8.Accentuate the positive. Conversations about relationships do not need to focus solely on risky behavior or negative consequences. Conversations should also address factors that promote healthy adolescent development and relationships.

9.Be an active participant in your young teen’s life. Explore ways to know more about your teen’s friends and interests. Find activities you can do together.

10.Be prepared to make mistakes. You will make mistakes. Accept that you will make mistakes, but continue to help teens make responsible choices while trying to maintain that delicate balance of being sensitive, yet firm.

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Plackers Dual Grip Flossers and the adorable monkey shapped flosser holder Review

flossing friends

Have you found it’s hard to keep your child interested in taking care of their teeth and gums? Do you always have to remind them to floss? Flossing is one of the hardest things for children to remember to do but is so important to their oral hygene care. My son’s have a difficult time flossing with regular floss so we have found the answer to their flossing needs and keeping their gums healthy.
Plackers Dual Grip Flossers makes it easier for children to floss their teeth. They come with a wonderful dual grip that helps children be able to grasp the flosser and use it easily. My youngest son has Elders Danloss, it makes grasping smaller objects a little more difficult but he has no problems using the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers . He can hold it easily and floss his teeth on his own. I use to be the only one that could floss his teeth so it’s wonderful that he can do it independently now.

The fruit smoothie flavors that are available are great tasting as well! They love the fruit smoothie flavor as well which makes them want to use the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers and helps them to remember to. I think that you will find that your child will look forward to flossing as well. We also love the adorable monkey shapped flosser holder as well it’s so cute and it’s easy for my son’s to grab the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers. I have it placed right where they can see it as a reminder as well. However, I really no longer have to really remind them as they love flossing with Plackers Dual Grip Flossers.

The boys even put their Plackers Dual Grip Flossers in a ziplock baggie and put them in their backpacks so they can floss after lunch and bring them to their dad’s when they stay there. I’m so happy that we tried Friendly Flossers and my son’s are loving using them. We will be trying some of the other flavors that the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers offer as well for them. It has made flossing so much easier and I no longer have to fight with them about flossing now Make your and your child’s life easier and dental cleaning so much easier with Plackers Dual Grip Flossers you will all be so happy that you did. Your child will love their next dental visit when the Denist notices that they have been flossing and keeping their teeth and gums healthy. You can purchase your friendly flossers at Walmart, Publix, Safeway and Target.com.

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